Buy Beautiful Flowers in Dubai

Dubai is a city that loves flowers. The government of metropolis puts high emphasis on having lots of gardens and streets with green containing flowers everywhere. Of course, not all flowers can resist the heat and the strong sun, but if you would like to go shopping for flowers, then you have the chance to do so in Dubai. The main shopping areas of flowers in Dubai are the souks and the flower markets called Al Aweer Nurseries.

In the Western culture, the giving of flowers symbolises many things. Depending on the type and colour of the flower, it represents a wide scale of feelings, from deep love to deep sadness. The flower culture is not that famous in Dubai, but as Dubai people are big fans of the beautiful gardens, this way, the western flower gifting traditions also adapt to the open–minded locals of Dubai.

The growing popularity of flowers in Dubai are results partly of the implementation of some international celebrations such as the St. Valentine Day, a day famous for giving or sending flowers to your loved ones, together with some cute cards. The other reasons are the many celebrations and festivals, especially in the summertime, during the Dubai Summer Festival.

Online shopping of flowers is becoming more and more popular in Dubai in the recent years, and so there are more and more people using this type of service, in order to create a nice surprise for their mothers, wives, sisters, cousins and we can go on. These online sites give possibility for the shopping of all types of flowers, in bouquets, baskets, stands among many others. The shopping of flowers in gardens is getting quite often in this way.

If you would like to see the variety of plants and flowers for shopping in Dubai, then you should definitely visit the flower-souk called Al Aweer Nurseries. These are the representatives of Dubai garden and flower culture, and here you can see the widest variety of plants. It is great spot for those who are just moving in to their homes in Dubai.

The Al Aweer Nurseries are a little bit far from Dubai, but if you go toward the Dubai Academic City, in the direction of Hatta Villages, you will need to turn toward Warsan at the second roundabout and there you are. These plant nurseries of Dubai consist of about 15 flower and plant shops also selling beautiful potteries serving as holders for the plants. Shopping of plants and flowers is so easy in here, but make sure you take care of them, and follow the instructions strictly right after shopping and taking them home.

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