Buy Carrera Eyewear in Dubai

Carrera is the name of the famous sunglasses brand of Australia. The Carrera sunglasses were introduced in the market in 1956 by the Safilo Group S. p. A. Initially, the company manufactured sportswear by the name of Wilhelm Anger, which changed to Optyl international. It was in 1974, when the company decided yet again to change its name to Carrera and manufacture range of sports sunglasses. To introduce new line of sports sunglasses Carrera partnered with the famous automobile stylish Ferdinand Alexander. Later, the company hosted many important sporting events like winter Olympics and formula one racing. Such partnership with sporting events promoted the Carrera sunglasses all over the world and it became famous and preferred sunglasses brand for the sports lovers.

Carrera sunglasses are the preferred choice of every sportsman because they have been designed and manufactured by keeping in mind the needs of the sports. This brand of sunglasses is widely purchased in Middle East countries especially in Dubai, as it is the biggest host of sporting events. Some of the unique features offered by Carrera sunglasses are:

• Technology: The Carrera sunglasses are designed on specific technology, so the sportsman can wear them easily while playing or driving. The sunglasses made by Carrera are designed on ergonomics technology, which ensure durable and comfortable glasses for each facial structure. Moreover, some of the series of Carrera sunglasses also feature air system, which ensure defogged lenses during the sports.

• Unique designs: The designs and style offered by this brand can be worn easily by sportsman and common man.

Carrera sunglasses range offered on various retailer outlets in Dubai has been categorized into hi-performance, sports fashion and everyday categories.

Hi-Performance glasses have all the technology features incorporated in them. This category of glasses is available huge range of colors, lenses and shapes. The most famous category of hi-performance glasses are the C20 Ski and Igor. The C20 Ski category offer ultraviolet protection along with anti-fog features to the customers. Igor is another famous category of hi-performance glasses that is not just sporty, but also practical. This category is highly bought in city like Dubai as it offers style along with many technological advances features.

Sports Fashion range of Carrera sunglasses are designed for those people who like to look like a sportsman. This category of sunglasses also offer scratch-free, UV protective and flash mirror technology to the wearers. This range is the famous in Dubai market, as it offers style along with comfort ability.

Everyday line of Carrera sunglasses is designed for people who like to protect their eyes from the harmful rays of sun on everyday basis. Along with protection this range of sunglasses also offers style to the wearers.

Carrera sunglasses can be easily bought from famous {shopping malls} in the city like the Dubai Mall, Deira Shopping Centre and the Mall of Emirates. Moreover, all kind of Carrera sunglasses can be bought at the famous Dubai Shopping Festival on discount prices.

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