Buy Citizen Watches in Dubai

Citizen has so many amazing watches in their collections today. Many do not realize how long the company of Citizen has been around for or how popular they are also. The truth is that every bit of care and attention has gone into creating each watch from Citizen and everyone loves these amazing time pieces. You will really love to wear a Citizen watch and they are beautiful to wear.

Citizen is a huge name of today and all of their watches are very popular. Citizen watches have in fact been around for many years now – since 1924 and they started with only a small pocket watch. The Japanese created watches do go back to 1918 but it was in the twenties when the first watch was finally created.

Today, Citizen is actually one of the biggest and well known names for watch making. Most people do in fact known Citizen as one of the largest manufacturers and creators of watches today. Some of the Citizens watches have been used for UK aviation. UK creators have manufactured similar versions of Citizens watches to wear for the Red Arrows which are the ever famous acrobatic team.

There are many great Citizen watches to choose from especially when it comes to purchasing one for a special occasion. If you are searching for Citizen watches then why not look for the following:
• The Citizen Eco Drive
• The Citizen’s The Signature Collection
• The Drive

There are so many great Citizen watches to choose from and you will love them all. They are unique and special in their own way, no matter which watch is chosen. Of course, you can choose one from the Citizen Eco Drive collection or the even the latest, the Drive. Whichever you choose, you are going to love it!

If you are thinking about searching for new Citizen watch, then you might want to look at the great Dubai Mall. Citizen watches are some of the best to choose from today and you are truly going to love to shop at the Dubai Mall. Located on Doha Street, the Mall is certainly one of the best places to shop for Citizen watches today – any watch in fact.

If you take the LG Main Entrance, Number 2 at the Dubai Mall, you are truly going to love the entire beauty and atmosphere found in the Dubai Mall. You can love the amazing collections from Citizen today and to be honest, the Dubai Mall has a special atmosphere while you are shopping. If you do want to buy a certain watch, such as Citizen watches, then the Dubai Mall is the best place to shop. The Dubai Mall is so different and unique but it is truly a place where you can feel welcomed and at home while shopping in Dubai.

Citizen is the company, which makes the first class prestigious watches in Japan. The Citizen watches are very popular among the world and after all the novelties Swiss watchmakers have implemented in their watches the second place is surely for Citizen, a great Japanese pioneer in the global watch making industry. In Dubai, Citizen watches are highly advertised and very popular as well. While you are in Dubai look out for the newest models of Citizen Watches.

Citizen watches that were first named as Shokosha Watches and the large corporate is based in Tokyo, Japan. Citizen watches have great global advertising campaigns using famous figures from sports and cultural life. The Citizen watches are classic, elegantly sporty watches, which are hand manufactured, and all of them are made out of precious metals and other materials. The newest collections of Citizen Watches all include white, yellow or rose gold details.

Some of the novelties, which Citizen Watches created, include the Eco-Drive watch line that used solar panels and solar power supplemented by an automatic quartz power source. One model of the Eco Drive collections went that far to u se the temperature differentials between the skin and the outer temperature to recharge the battery. Another novelty first represented by Citizen watches include the Atomic Timekeeping in the Skyhawk A-T line which features radio controlled timekeeping methods with automatically connecting to radio frequencies in different locations and set up the date, day and daylight saving time features. Skyhawk A-T models also include a calculator that can be used for calculating speed, time, distance and conversions within the watch that make it a special item. The Skyhawk collection also featured special items in limited collections, with different logos. Many watch collectors collect these watches. Citizen watches have an interesting band type often featured with bracelet bands called DCP clasp and mean a changeable character band.

Citizen’s main Eco Drive Collection watches feature several professional features in its collections including the ¼ second Moonphase Flyback Chronograph, Perpetual Calendar items. These are all handmade watches with anti reflexive Sapphire Glass made out of Titanium with gold details. The Octavia Diamond Series and Quattro Diamond Series make the women’s collections featuring beautiful classy watches with diamond decorations and with white, yellow or pink gold details. Citizen watches are among the best watches in the world when it comes to professionalism and the number of special features included, not mentioning the quality of the materials used in its watches. Therefore, these watches are quite expensive. As people in Dubai love quality, of course together with the tourists, you will find Citizen watches in a couple of stores in Dubai. In Dubai Citizen, watches can be found in the enormous Dubai Mall in the store called Watches Corner on the first place, which retails several big brands of watches. The Watches Corner shop can also be found in the Deira City Centre along with the official Citizen shop. The brands own store can be found in the Lamcy Plaza shopping mall, in Dubai.

Dubai is world famous for the number and variety of watches brands sold in its area. Citizen watches are more than worth buying, being great quality first class watches with durability and many extra features. Do not hesitate to look for the great Citizen watch while you are in Dubai. You will get them cheaper here than anywhere in the world, especially in the summer.

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