Buy Vertu Mobiles in Dubai

Vertu is the company that manufactures luxury mobile phones since 1998. The Vertu mobile phones are categorized as luxury mobiles because they are handmade in the Church Crookham factory. Vertu mobile phones are the most expensive designer phones in the world because some models have diamonds and rubies embedded in them. The price range of cheapest Vertu mobile phone starts with 1500$ and reaches up to 350,000$. Such designer mobile phones are often preferred by people who don’t care about the price, but care for their standard and style.

The unique features of Vertu mobile phones that make them desirable
• Precious and finest metals: In most of the models of Vertu mobile phones, the company uses some of the finest materials and precious metals. These metals make them expensive and give them a unique and elegant look.

• Features: The Vertu mobile phones are common and are mostly bought by the elite of the society. Therefore, the company offers some unique features to its customers like providing excess to top security companies in the world and best designed operating systems that operate on voice commands.

• Protection: Each model of Vertu mobile phones is protected by 74 patents and therefore, there design and style cannot be copied or stolen by any mobile manufacture in the world. This in turn gives sense of uniqueness to the customers.

• Design and Craftsmanship: The design of each Vertu mobile phones comes from years of experience and research of automotive, aerospace and jewellery industry. The company combines the experience of all these industries to ensure the manufacturing of best mobile handsets. Each component of Vertu mobile phones is handmade by experienced hands of the craftsman.

The famous models of Vertu mobile phones in Dubai market are,
• Vertu Signature: The signature range of Vertu mobile phones is the most famous range in Dubai. These mobile phones have 388 mechanical components and 18keys supported by ruby bearing. These Vertu mobile phones have 69.25 carats of sapphire crystal that is the largest piece of complex sapphire in the world. This model of Vertu mobile phones offer up to 9 hours of talking time, 300 hours of standby time, 20-,millimeter loudspeaker and high resolution dynamic display.

• Vertu constellation: This model of Vertu mobile phones is highly in demand in city like Dubai because it has precious metals embedded in it. This model is more practical than other models of Vertu mobile phones as it features analogue watch that automatically adjust with the location of the user. Moreover, it has multiple mailbox and social networking options that keeps the buyer updated.

Vertu mobile phones are not common and therefore, they need to be bought from certified retailers in the city. Some of the famous retailers of Vertu mobile phones in Dubai are Vertu at Dubai Mall and Oskar Phones at Gargash Center Dubai.

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