Can I Wear Sexy Bikini in Dubai?

Well, certainly wearing sexy bikini is good for some people while bad for others, as everything has its own good and bad side. Nowadays the fashion industry is full of sexy bikini because these years it has become more fashionable than it used to be before. Beware, as not every figure is attractive for wearing bikini.

Unfortunately, in Dubai there is less chance for you to wear your sexy bikini. Even though Dubai is friendly and does its best to be open minded, yet some things remains that you just cannot do even in Dubai. Dubai’s population is growing rapidly and the newcomers are mostly non-Muslims though. That is why luckily the beach life is more colourful in Dubai than in other Muslim countries. Although it is okay to wear bikini, but make it reserved. Do not wear the latest micro bikini that can come off anytime while someone wants to swim as well. It is great to see hundreds of shops selling all sorts of swimwear, from reserved one-piece to sexy bikini in thousands of styles and colours. All you need to do is to find the one the most suitable for you during your Dubai holidays.

In the Islamic countries, hotels and resorts do not only represent a place to sleep, but they also represent a fragment, where the Western lifestyle is accepted. If you want to wear sexy bikini or want to have a beer, you can do it in your resort if nowhere else. Resorts have priorities and in fact, only the resorts have the allowance to sell alcoholic drinks, by which reason most bars and discos of the town can be found in hotels.

Some rules regarding swimwear in Dubai, in order for you not to get into trouble:
* No thongs
* No strings
* No micro bikini, as it is too small making you look like you were naked. If you wear this on the public beach, you might even go to prison or abused by men thinking you are one who sells her body for money. Sad but true.
* No Brazilian or other overly sexy bikinis are advisable either to wear at any place except your resort, not even if you go to a pool when it is Ladies Night. Remember what Muslim men do not accept, Muslim women do not accept them too. If you visit a public bath or Hamam, keep it as simple as you can, anyhow everyone will look at you as if you came from Mars if you visit a public bath, so be low key wear a one piece suit even at that time
* One-piece swimming suits are the best solution for public beaches. Might be you want more colour, but have your full sunbath rather by the pool or at your balcony.
* You will see Muslim women wearing the new coming Muslim swimwear called Veilkini or Burqini. They still mean lots of cloth to their wearer; so do not laugh or pass any comment, or else you can get into big trouble. Anyhow, it is rudeness, so refrain from any of such behaviour always.
* If you are alone and still like wearing sexy bikini, do not forget that you can land in trouble. If you are keen on wearing it, then stick to a larger company instead of being alone.
* Remember that you can try your sexy pieces by the hotel’s pool, so have a larger swimwear for the beach.

You could have read the possible consequences of wearing sexy bikini. So, stick to your hotel when wearing it and do not forget, you can still shop great pieces for yourself and it does not matter if you want to wear them in Dubai or outside of it, you will surely make some great bargains if you look for the sales discounts.

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