Carter’s Nightclub

Carter’s is a stylish nightclub located in the center of Dubai. If you are visiting Dubai, you should definitely visit this place. It is a nightclub based on Egyptian style theme with informal settings and laidback atmosphere. Carter’s nightclub in Dubai is located at Pyramids Wafi, Oud Metha District and the nightclub is named after the Egyptologist, Howard Carter. The nightclub opens for lunch at 12pm and closes at 2am daily. On Thursdays, the nightclub is open till 3am. In the evening, the restaurant transforms slowly as a hot nightclub. The DJ music will played from 10 pm to closing time.

The Carter’s nightclub attracts several foreigners and it become really busy on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. It is better to reach the nightclub by 9pm, if you would like to enter the nightclub without any screening as it takes place after 9pm. You can avoid the long queue by reaching the nightclub before 9pm. Carters nightclub is the only one oxygen bar found in Dubai. You can have a shot of O2 at the cost of 70Dhs and they also offer aromatic oxygen who would like to taste some oxygen. Carter’s nightclub in Dubai offers best deals of the town.

All house cocktails available on Sunday nights are available as low as 10Dhs. You can enjoy Happy Hour night at the nightclub on Tuesdays and Happy hours allow you to drink all kind of drinks at 10Dhs for the whole night. Ladies night is on Wednesdays where women can enjoy one drink for free and then a special deal of getting 1 free for 2 drinks. Even though you are not going to Carter’s nightclub on an offer day, you will get reasonably priced drinks. A beer will cost 18 Dhs which is only an average cost in Dubai.

The dress code of Carter’s nightclub should be presentable, but shorts are not allowed in the evenings. At Carter’s nightclub, you can enjoy imported beers, classic wines, and exotic cocktails. This nightclub in Dubai consists of international cuisines which are very delicious. Carter’s nightclub has a terrace from where you can get the view of Wafi Gardens. At the nightclub, you can enjoy the music of an in-house live band “Big Life” which is amazing as you can hear latest pop and rock music. There is television room in the nightclub allows you to watch sports events.

The Carter’s is a good place to make new friends and you can set meetings in there. Every Tuesday, Engineers nights are observed in the nightclub. The engineers will receive a great amount of discount on all the beverages available in the club. Only individuals of 21 years and above are allowed to drink as the legal age to drink alcohol in Dubai is 21 years. You can dance with the DJ music in the nightclub, so that you can enjoy the day at its fullest. The wine lovers are naturally attracted to the spiritedness of the Carter’s nightclub in Dubai.

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