Zinc Night Club

Dubai nightlife is very rich in action, considering the high number of tourists and expats living there, you can count on colorful nights, no matter what you are up to do. Most of the attractions and shopping malls as well are open until 22:00, so you do not have to worry about how you spend your evenings, if a beach walk or sitting on the hotel terrace seems a boring option. Zinc is one of the biggest nightclubs of Dubai. Located on the very downtown of Dubai, Zinc Nightclub is highly visited by the younger generation of tourists and locals.

As every tourist paradise, Dubai is also packed with bars and discos. You can find all types of places over here, from hotel discos to the outdoor bars or private VIP clubs. If you are having a night out in the city, then you may also get to see some of the world’s superstars arriving at some of the most private clubs of the metropolis, worldwide known for wealth and luxury when it comes to spending.

The nightclubs of Dubai work are like any nightclub in the world, with the exception of the high restrictions on the usage of any types of drugs. Some clubs offer alcoholic drinks, but not all of them. If you want to get to alcohol, you may need to check out the hotel discotheques or ask in the nightclub before, if they serve alcohol. It is also important to know about the age limits of certain places. In Dubai, the average age limit of entering and consumption of alcohol is over 21 years of age, but some clubs restrict entry to those who are above 25 years old.

Moreover, according to law, all the clubs and discos must close at 3am, so go out earlier if you usually start your night out only around midnight. Use taxi as the quickest way of transportation and do not go alone, if you are a woman. Try to get a company along with you. Of course, Dubai is a very safe place, but women going out alone might quickly become the targets of some unwanted people, so it is better to avoid it.

Also take care of the dress code, which is more formal than outside of the Muslim countries, do not wear anything that is too revealing. Long skirt and long sleeved blouse will do or a long dress or trousers with a cardigan. Dresses do not have to be formal. For men, wearing shirt and jeans is a good option. Watch out, if the door attendants do not like your appearance at any clubs, then they might not let you in. Might be sad, but it is the rule that you must accept as you are hosted by Dubai. However, it is nice to have well-dressed people around you.

Dubai is really a colorful city when it comes to having a night out. In addition, Zinc provides actions in big amounts. Located on the ground floor of Crowne Plaza, Zinc is one of the biggest clubs in town. Zinc disco has various programs with their own theme, playing different sorts of music, from RnB to Underground. These include Sunny and Sweet, Totally Tuesdayz or Cabin Fever. Zinc has different sorts of offers for a night out every single day.

There are also many types of promotions, which Zinc Discotheque has to offer from daily happy hours to crew membership discounts, specifically for Emirates and other airline crewmembers. So be prepared to meet many steward and flight attendant, especially when there is the Cabin Fever night, giving crewmembers 50% discounts for every drink. In addition, if you book a table before midnight on the day of visit, you will receive a free bottle for every bottle of drinks bought.

Therefore, if you feel you want to dance through the night, look at Zinc discotheque from the inside, the chance is high that you will not be able to stop dancing for hours! Zinc Disco is on the Sheikh Zayed Road at Crowne Plaza Hotel, if you take a taxi, or stay nearby of course, it is the best place for you to dance a bit. However, do not forget to check out other discos too, so you can get to know all the nightlife of Dubai.

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