Kasbar Dubai

Being a Middle Eastern hub of tourism and business, Dubai is not only famous for its monumental brand, new buildings and the luxurious shops, but also for its colorful nightlife, which surely will tempt you to walk around and visit the finest clubs of the Middle East and dance to all the international music played there. One of the best clubs is the Kasbar Club, located in the Royal Mirage Hotel.

The Royal Mirage Hotel of Dubai is a unique hotel, especially famous for its beautiful Moroccan themed buildings and interiors. This hotel is a great piece of art and so is its beautiful disco and club called Kasbar. It is a three-floor building with a great huge terrace, which overlooks the dance floor. The music will tempt you to dance all night. Here the best Arabic DJs play their music, which has international mixtures with traditional Arabic tones as well. The Royal Mirage Hotel has a beautiful setting right by the sea in the most fashionable modernized district of Dubai, called Jumeirah district.

In addition, Kasbar Club is one of the main attractions of the hotel, standing out from the usual all-metal look of other clubs and bars this place, the Kasbar really promises something different and special. The whole Kasbar club was specifically made in Marakech style, meaning with the usage of the beautiful lamps, the red walls and the great Moroccan tiles and mosaics. The whole place will make you feel to be in Morocco. The club, together with the hotel section serves a great variety of Moroccan dishes, which you should not miss, as Morocco has a worldwide famous cuisine. Try a tagine over here, out of fish or chicken, whichever you prefer.

The opening time of the club is 21:30 and according to the local laws, it can be open only until 03:00 in the morning; that is when all clubs and discos close in Dubai. However, until then, there is much time so you will have a great chance to have a good dance on the floor of Kasbar Club several times. In Kasbar, you will be able to hear all the newest songs and remixes. The style of the music played is generally disco, hip-hop and even rock sometimes. The remixes will represent you with the Arabic electronic beats, which for sure you will not be able to resist. Normally, the DJ sections start from midnight, giving chance for the older generation to have some fun as the younger generation does.

The alcohol consuming is possible over here and that is the main reason to why most good clubs are part of a hotel. The club has a dancing section and outside that, there is a huge multi-floored lounge and restaurant where one can rest. The Kasbar is the hottest place in town since it has opened its doors.

The entrance will cost you 50 Dirhams, but there is also a cocktail included in the price, which is a great thing. The Kasbar Club is said to be the best place in whole Dubai for a night out, so you should not ever miss the chance. Take a taxi and visit the Royal Mirage Hotel, together with the Kasbar Club and after a tasty dinner, the dance can begin at last! This is a place where everyone returns after the premiere time of being here.

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