Sanctuary Dubai

The Sanctuary Nightclub is one of the most visited nightclubs by foreigners, located in the Atlantis, the Palm resort. The nightlife of Dubai is quite rich, as people like to stay up until late night as in all countries that are gifted with hot climate, especially in the summer season, when the weather is hot, and the temperature only starts to become bearable from around 22:00 at night. It is natural that in the summer people love to stay out till late at night.

Nightlife in Dubai buzzes until midnight, sometimes even later. There are many evening and night cruises and several attractions which are open until 22-23:00. Therefore, it is worth going out in the evening. For the tourists, there are specific places to go, there are also specific places for the rich and famous, where they can hang out. Alcoholic drinks are often served in these clubs, and there are some, which are also visited by locals, although the number is limited, because expats, like Indians or Pakistanis prefer their own clubs, located mainly in the Karama district. If you want alcoholic drinks, then the best places are the clubs found at hotels, just like the Sanctuary Nightclub.

The best clubs of Dubai include the Buddha Bar, the Zinc and we could go on. Many of these clubs play contemporary music and electronic music. In addition, many of these invite the best of international DJs to play at one of these luxury clubs. Sanctuary is similar to any VIP or luxury clubs of Europe or the United States, although the rules are definitely stricter here. You can only enter a club if you are above 21 years old and even there are clubs that refuse entry to people who are less than 25 years of age. There is dress code, so you cannot enter wearing your bikini or any dress that is by any chance very revealing.

Although Dubai gives place for lots of fun, you should never forget that you are in an Arabic country. Besides tourists, there is presence of the Arabic younger generation as well. In addition, according to the law, all entertainment places must close by 3 am.

Although Sanctuary is a club targeted towards the tourists and the richer people, yet the club holds Arabic Nights on every Monday and there are many Dubai DJs as well, who, get the chance to play their music at the club. The Sanctuary has many events, although not every day. Many clubs have hectic event schedule, which means many events on one week and nothing on the next week.

You can easily get to the Atlantis Hotel on the Palm Jumeirah, by the Monorail, but in the late evening hours, when the traffic diminishes, it is wiser to take a taxi, which takes you from and to your hotel. Sanctuary Nightclub is a place where you can have lots of fun. Many places also require a table reservation. Try to get a company going to the disco so that are not alone.

When in Dubai, you can see how colorful the nightlife is over there, there is really so much to do in the downtown area until midnight, which is around the same as in any Mediterranean countries, as Spain and Italy. Take care not to drink on the street or not to be on the street while you are drunk by any chance. Have a great dance in the Sanctuary instead of drinking. Sanctuary is among the best clubs of Dubai, so you also should not miss visiting it.

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