Cheap Alternative – Stainless Steel Jewelry

As the heaven of jewellery, Dubai has so many jewellery stores which provide any kind of jewellery made from any materials. Even there are a lot of collections of stainless steel jewellery available there. The popularity of jewellery from stainless steel is not as great as that from gold or silver, but the attainable prices and the durability of the materials make this kind of jewellery have its own attraction for the people. Common people only know stainless steel is a good material for kitchenware and the other house-ware, however, since its natural color is bright shiny silver, people will also like it to be jewellery. Common people will not be able to distinguish the steel, since its color and surface appearance are very similar to white gold and silver. So, for people who are tightly in budget, this jewellery is a good choice to look good with minimum expenses.

As jewellery, the material still conveys its basic property; it does not corrode or rust with water (different from common steel does), yet in the area of low oxygen and high salinity there is a possibility that the stain will come. Titanium is one variant of the stainless steel material with the same property, since it consists of certain percent steel combined with some special attributes. The material is also fully recyclable; therefore it is not hard to say that stainless steel jewellery is very sustainable to be sold in the jewellery market.

There are some reasons why jewellery from this material is more preferable than the other materials. The first reason is because stainless steel is hypoallergenic. This property is very useful for those people who are allergic with certain kind of metal such as gold or silver. Titanium, as one variant of stainless steel, is even often used as jewellery for therapy purpose. The magnetic force from the metal will give revitalization and refreshment for the human body of the wearer. The second reason is because the price of stainless steel jewellery is much cheaper that the jewellery from gold and silver. Many people are longing to have fashionable performance wearing catchy jewellery, but some of them even cannot afford to have the gold or silver one. Surely, the silver-look appearance of stainless steel will be very tempting. Unfortunately, only few collections of Dubai native jewellers have the jewellery from this material.

The most common collections made of this material are the collection of men jewellery, and there is only limited product for it. Muslim men who prefer not to wear any gold at all prefer to wear the product from this material, so that they can appear stylish without going beyond their principal. The third reason why stainless steel is quite popular in Dubai is because of its durability. The metal is a strong metal, even harder than silver. It is also non-tarnishing metal that will not lose its original color, unless it is oxidized or rusted in the salinity environment or poor circulation area.

The art of jewellery-making from stainless steel in Dubai is still rare. It is because the culture of the area, that despite gold or some other precious metals, something will not be considered as the real jewellery. Someone will not gain higher prestigious status using stainless steel. So, the Dubai jewellery has not been ready for the manufacturing of the stainless steel jewellery since there are worries about the selling point of the products in the market. Therefore, looking for this kind of jewellery in Dubai will be more precise if it is done in the foreign jewellery store.

The Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, and the BurJuman are the recommended places to find foreign jewellery stores. Popular international brand such as Mont Blanc and Armani have some collections of jewellery made of stainless steel too. Foreign store such as Zoppini, even dares to provide jewellery of titanium and stainless steel as their main products. As long as the number of the enthusiasts of this jewellery keeps rising, there will be possibilities that local jewellers of Dubai will embark the business too. Trend of the market is the key of the changes in Dubai jewellery industry, therefore nothing is fixed since development is still ongoing.

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