Designing Your Perfect Bedroom with Bespoke Furniture

Have you ever woken up and remarked, as you always do, how ‘tired’ your dresser looks and needs to go? You could even be bored with more than the dresser. In fact, the whole bedroom could be looking drab to you. What’s the one thing you can do to give your bedroom a fresh look? Fitted bedroom furniture, perhaps? Installing bespoke bedroom furniture is the surest way to fully personalize this private space. Because with bespoke furniture you choose everything to your specifications and preferences, and is therefore a style you love, you’re likely to enjoy the furniture throughout the period you use it. Bespoke bedroom pieces and sets in Dubai is made to match each individual taste in style.

Your budget is your guide when it comes to bespoke bedroom furniture. You can get any kind of fitting you like, just as long as your budget can cater for it. Note that the more features you want on your furniture, the more money it will cost. The same goes for things like materials and size. Once you have your budget planned, consider the style of your fitted furniture. Bespoke designs come in two broad categories, traditional and contemporary, which can be further broken down to reflect a specific mood/style. The size of your bedroom will also determine the shapes and sizes of your bespoke furniture. You cannot have large furniture in a tiny bedroom and vice versa. Likewise, things like a low ceiling, corners in the room, beams, and other structural details will determine what kind of furniture you can fit in and in what size and shape.

Part of the excitement of having fitted bedroom furniture is the control it gives you to choose your style, including color combinations. You want everything in the room to come together for a flawless look. Putting to mind that the furniture is the largest accessory in the bedroom, let the furniture you choose set the tone for the room decor so that you arrange everything else around it. Neutral colors will give you more flexibility to add other colors, and since they can be paired with any color, it’s easy to use any color palette with them. Remember that bespoke furniture isn’t something you can change every three months. So you want to choose a design and colors you are comfortable with since they’ll stay with you for years.

Your bespoke bedroom storage furniture should be diverse in size to accommodate the different types of clothes you’ll be storing there. If space allows it, a bespoke walk-in closet will give you adequate storage space for long articles like coats and dresses. Divide the space into as many compartments as necessary for your smaller clothing items. This principle also applies to drawers and shelving within wardrobes, chests and dressers. Smaller drawers can hold things like handkerchiefs, inner wear, and jewellery boxes.

Bedroom furniture in Dubai is all about customizing your furniture so that it meets your individual bedroom needs. This is what you should aim to achieve with every design you pick.

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