Diamond Shopping at Dubai Gold Souk

The Gold Souk of Dubai is not only world famous for its huge variety of gold jewellery but also of its great collections that include the marvellous diamond jewellery. Gold and diamond jewellery go hand in hand in Dubai where diamond jewellery that usually comes with yellow or white gold is immensely famous. Let us see some of the jewelleries in the Gold Souk that we can get to see in the Gold Souk.

In the internationally famous and popular Gold Souk of Deira Dubai, you can find the biggest and also some of the smallest Dubai jewellers which are still to grow. The great place occupies some of the biggest territory out of all the souks of Deira. The famous Dhamani Jewellery, which today owns the licence to make the Dubai Cut, is also based in the Dubai Gold Souk. Dhamani is dealing with the Dubai Cut for more than 5 years now and with the greatest success! Dubai Cut represents a very interesting and hardly produced 99-facet diamond cut, inspired by the 99 names of Allah as he is called according to the Muslim holy book the Quran. Dubai Cut is the one and only diamond cut in the world that bears the name of a region and not a shape or other names. Dhamani Jewellery can only sell the Dubai Cut, according to governmental decision and therefore it can only be sold within Dubai and nowhere else in the world. Because Dubai Cut is very hard to produce, this means that the waiting list for Dubai Cut is quite long.

Other famous Dubai jewellery brand is the Pure Gold Jewellers. This Dubai-Indian jewellery brand is the most dynamically growing brand in Dubai, having multiple stores within the Gold Souk. Pure Gold Jewellers has quickly become very popular because of its faultless collections and great reputation. Pure Gold Jewellers produces and offers the highest quality gold, white gold and diamond jewellery. They are among the very few Dubai jewellers that also deal with a vast platinum jewellery collection. Pure Gold Jewellers has several discounts and multiple collections of diamond jewellery, which includes their great collections of bridal jewellery too. The other jewellery famous for its great collection of quality gold and diamond jewellery is the Joyalukkas Jewellery based also in the Gold Souk of course. Joyalukkas is one of the most prominent jewellers of Dubai, coming from India the brand was among the first jewellers which have received the Dubai quality awards not only once but two times in two consecutive years. The Joyalukkas Jewellery is still among the top brands of Dubai and their {gold} and diamond jewellery collections and their Bridal collections are worldwide famous.

If you want to buy Dubai diamond jewellery or just look around to find the best quality gold and diamond jewellery, then do not miss the great Dubai Gold Souk which if you see, you will surely be persuaded that there is no other place where you can see jewellery in a bigger quantity than in the Gold Souk of Dubai.

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