Discover the Beauty of Amber Jewellery in Dubai

There are so many beautiful stones in the world, and some of them are considered precious or semi-precious, according to the appearance and material value. Among the semi-precious stones available in the market, amber is one stone which is being the favorite of many jewellery collectors in the world. Amber is coming from the fossilized tree resin. It appears in various different colors. The very usual color is the color between yellow, orange, and brown combination, it is specifically called “amber” color. The other ranges of color are whitish such as pale lemon yellow, brown and almost black variants, red amber or the cherry amber, green, and blue.

The blue amber is very rare and it becomes the object of hunting of the gemstones enthusiasts in the world. Yet, the most expensive amber is the transparent amber which does not contain bubbles or cloud inside the stone. The charm of amber is its fluorescent property; the rarest blue amber will turns blue in natural sunlight and turns almost white with a very strong reflection in the wave of UV light. Amber is warm, not like any other gemstone which is usually cold to touch. The smell is very relaxing and will give such effects when it is worn on the hand. The mass makes the stone sinks in fresh water, but floats in salt water. On fire, the stone burnt with unique aromatic smoke, with the scent that people will find it in the church ceremonies.

This interesting fact about amber makes it precious and expensive, and it is started to be formed into jewellery. In the jewellery market of Dubai, the amber jewellery is quite popular since it is less expensive than the other kinds of gemstones, but still has the beauty beyond usual jewellery. Amber jewellery used to be downgraded jewellery, but now it is quite popular among people. Pure amber, especially the rare blue one is one of the most beautiful semi-precious gemstones. The beauty is unquestionable, but the belief that amber has another function makes it more demanding. This semi-precious gemstone comes with the natural healing power for people who wear the jewellery with amber. The belief gives motivations for a lot of people to collect and purchase the high-end quality amber jewellery from the Dubai jewellery market. Two top suppliers or providers for such kind of jewellery are the Koraba jewellery and Al Kananah jewellery. They give the best quality amber to be sold in the market.

Koraba jewellery exists since 2006 to be the prominent jewellers that provide specifically designed amber. The company offers jewellery in very distinctive styles and quality with the high end Baltic amber, combined with the completion of best quallit 18k gold, rhodium silver, or silver 925. The company, which is created with the coalition of French jewellery designers and Polish manufacturers, is giving the best quality amber from Baltic Sea region that contains the highest level of succinic acid. There is some variations jewellery in different colors of amber from light honey, yellow, cognac, cherry, white and opaque green. The designs of the amber jewellery combine beauty, sophistication, and the elegance of the stone; created by the experts who own the best talents in jewellery making.

Al Kananah jewellery is the other supplier for the rare Baltic Amber jewellery. The manufacturer produces all sorts of jewellery; the Baltic amber bangles, earrings, pendants, and rings are available in the showrooms of the company. The jewellery features beautiful ambers embedded in the high quality gold and silver. The designs are traditional, Victorian, and Italian motifs. The jewellery from the two manufacturers is available in the Dubai Gold Souk and the other jewellery markets which are spread all over the Dubai city.

For people who are fond of beautiful gemstones, the amber jewellery is a good alternative of collection. The price is not so high but the quality of the pure amber will stun many people and will improve the collectors’ pride for sure. The ambers are dazzling and unique; it also has special strength such as increasing the memory of the holder and controlling the temper of people. The radiation of the stone’s warm will make people composed and decisive by increasing the positive energy inside the body. Surely, it is not only good for decoration, but also for healing process.

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