DKNY Handbags in Dubai

American designer Donna Karan founded DKNY in order to create a fresh brand more affordable for the young generation. The brand has been operating diversely from the main label Donna Karan New York and the luxury conglomerate Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey Group acquired it in 2001. The DKNY brand does just everything that can be connected to the world of beauty and fashion. It is especially their accessories and fragrances that make the brand stand out from the crowd. DKNY handbags are great buys because they reflect the style and the elegance of the main brands yet their prices are much lower, making them affordable to a lot more women all around the world. Let us see what we need to know about DKNY handbags and their availability in Dubai.

DKNY, a brand founded by Donna Karan has been operating since 1996 as a more affordable yet still first-class designer brand on the US fashion market. DKNY is popular of its accessories, especially its sunglasses, bijoux, watches, jewellery and leather ware. DKNY is a brand which always keeps up with the newest trends, yet with the creation of such fashion items which, although they are trendy for the season, can be further worn for years as their featured trends and colours are not so extreme which would make them being unsuitable for wearing for many years. Following this concept, each DKNY handbags look classy and great with their outlook and quality. They look great with several noticeable high-profile handbags the prices of which doesn’t go over AED 1950 per handbag which means a great deal for many, who can’t afford the more expensive handbags for themselves.

The collection of DKNY handbags is big, you can find handbags in diverse styles and colours, which this season have light and rather laidback colours. This season’s best colours include the silver and gold colours and DKNY does its job greatly, all their handbags looking great and classy. Other must-have colour this year is the so-called camel colour, which is such a colour that always will remain extremely popular when it comes to trendy colours. This year’s looks of DKNY handbags make each item look vintage, bringing back designs from the Fifties and Sixties even. DKNY handbags are sold in a huge variety in forms and sizes. The cheapest handbags at DKNY cost AED 950, which means, that when its time for discounts, you may be able to buy genuine DKNY handbags for this price which really means a great deal!

In Dubai, the DKNY bands are very popular and thanks to the lack of any main logo, they are not that much counterfeited as the other high profile brands. If you are in Dubai you can get to see DKNY handbags in the Saks Fifth Avenue, located within the BurJuman Shopping Mall in Bur Dubai and also in the Deira Shopping Centre, where there is a label store if DKNY.

DKNY handbags are brilliant fashion investments, which will not cost you the price of the car, yet still win you a great, stylish, quality handbag that will help you to stand out of the crowd. Find DKNY handbags in Dubai, specifically during one of the Dubai shopping festivals when their prices are the best.

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