Dubai City Tower

Ever since human civilization exists, there has been the non-stop continuous temptation of human to build the highest building in the world. It might mirror the desire of human to fly or to be high contrary to being not a bird and not a giant either. Dubai City Tower hides the potential realisation of one of such dreams. Dubai City Tower, this magically looking giant complex, is really a magnificently, futuristically beautiful skyscraper, its plans are a must-see for everyone interested in the future’s architecture and of course to those, who are into Dubai.

Dubai City Tower, the embodiment of human desires to be up in the sky is relatively a new movement with the basic idea lying in the making of the first skyscrapers using the least area to make the largest space vertically. This way land is spared and more places are made to live, work or stay there. The designed height of the Dubai City Tower seems impossible to reach as it would almost reach two kilometres in height! As they say, it would make the triple of the height of today’s highest building the Burj Khalifa, situated where else if not in Dubai.

All numbers concerning the Dubai City Tower are flattering. There would be 400 (!) floors inside, and in structure, it would look somewhat in-between the head of a screwdriver and an icicle. The connecting buildings, out of which there would be four, would connect to the Dubai City Tower like four snakes creeping upwards and protect the main pole of it. The planned location of the Dubai City Tower would be within the Jumeirah Garden City; currently the biggest ever project of Dubai, waiting to be executed, making two of Dubai’s older, traditional districts disappear in return.

There are countless plans fantasising in connection with the supporting facilities and all the services located inside, but you can be sure, that it will contain just everything, to serve one’s needs, from apartments to working places, from business to leisure, from fun to education, from sport to relax. The one service most mentioned is a turbo lift, in the size of a regular train, which would transport people up and down continuously. One might start to wonder if there would be any parachute training or chance for helicopter transport for the future population of such a complex.

What is nice is that all plans of these gigantic modern buildings now include the utilization of natural energies, such as wind and solar energies. However, we cannot yet totally close out the ultimate surprises of nature and that is why, the possibility of actual realisation of such huge wonders is still unsure. Although the Dubai City Tower would be built in accordance with the geophysics, with attention to the gravity, the seismic movements and the main factor in the case of such buildings would be the wind. However, one can think of everything happening in such high buildings.

That is why the building of the Dubai City Tower seems far, although its main promoter and developer the Meera Company, the constructor of the huge Jumeirah Garden City, should soon reveal it. Until then, let us admire all the plans and designs of Dubai City Tower, a dream that might soon be realised.

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