Dubai Desert Rock Festival

Well, if you are thinking of world-famous Rock festivals, then Dubai may not come to your mind at first. However, indeed the Dubai Desert Rock Festival is getting more and more famous. It is very interesting to imagine how can a rock festival held in a traditional Muslim area that rejects the use of any alcoholic drinks and drugs, the use of which unfortunately forms a part of these music festivals. Therefore, if you want a healthier rock festival or you happen to be in Dubai by the time of Dubai Desert Rock Festival, look at it so that surely you will feel to “Rock the Kasbah”!

The Idea of Dubai Desert Rock Festival came with the tourism ambitions of Dubai. Dubai is a natural beach resort and a huge city, already offering almost all types of attractions that a city can offer for the tourists. However, Dubai wants it all, and if it sets on tourism, then it dedicates to get to the top in all types of tourism possible. They have known and seen how huge tourism creates at an area where music festivals take place. Therefore, Dubai decided to join in the competition of international music festivals. Why rock? We will never know, perhaps his Highness the Sheikh of Dubai also likes rock music or may be because the larger number of American tourists are into rock music. Although the Festival City holds several different music events, still the Dubai Desert Rock Festival is to attract the largest number of tourists and visitors to Dubai from all around the world. So let us get to know more about Dubai Desert Rock Festival.

Interestingly, Dubai Desert Rock Festival is not only a festival of music but also gives home to the festival of many types of extreme sports as well! The very first Dubai Desert Rock Festival was held back in 2004, and it was already decided then, that it would be an annual event in the area of Dubai.

Dubai Desert Rock Festival takes place in the Dubai Festival City, which is a large entertaining complex situated in the downtown of Dubai. Although the whole complex is not wholly ready, its music area is in use for many years now, giving home to several concerts and music festivals. The Dubai Desert Rock Festival is either one or two days long. Generally, it takes place in the beginning of March, when the weather is already mild but not hot during the day.

Due to the Dubai Desert Rock Festival, many prominent rock and metal bands performing in Dubai, including Megadeath, Motörhead or Velvet Revolver. Some bands which have lyrics concerning any Muslim or Arabic related subject in bad way are not invited to take part in this event. Though the consuming of light alcoholic drinks is allowed from the evening hours, the usage or consumption of any drugs is strictly prohibited. Dubai Desert Rock Festival is still lots of fun, music and if you are a fan of extreme sports, this event is for you the place to be.

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