Dubai Eye – The Ferris Wheel

Dubai Eye or Ferris wheel is the proposed plan of Blue Waters Island in Dubai which is going to be the tallest Ferris wheel in the world after its completion. The proposed height of the wheel is 210 meters and the construction of the wheel will start by the month of June, 2013. The Dubai Ferris wheel will surpass the New York wheel and The High Roller of Las Vegas. Both US wheels are under construction, but the proposed heights of them are less than the Dubai Eye. The current highest wheel, Singapore Flyer will become smaller than the Dubai Eye when it is completed.

The construction and design of Dubai Eye is the responsibility of Hyundai Contracting and Starneth Engineering. From the Dubai Eye, you can view the iconic landmarks of the emirate such as Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab. The wheel will consist of a large LED screen to show advertisements, telecasts and other information. The Dubai Ferris wheel will have the height of 68 stories. The entire project of Blue Waters Island in Dubai will take more than two years to finish. Blue Waters Island is included in the first phase of the construction and Dubai Eye will be added to the project later on.

The estimated cost of Dubai Ferris wheel is one billion dirhams. Dubai wheel will be the center of attraction of the Bluewaters Island of 6 billion dirhams. Dubai wants to compete with tourism market in US and Europe. Hence, the authorities are approving variety of projects to enhance the tourism market. The developer of this project is Meraas Holding who is a real estate developer in Dubai. The base of the wheel consists of special occasion venue and an entertainment zone.

The towering Ferris wheel will be the major attraction of the Blue Waters Island in Dubai. More than 3 million tourists are expected every year after the completion of Ferris wheel. Like other unique architectural wonders in Dubai, Dubai Eye will also become one among them. The plans of constructing the Ferris wheel were made in public by Dubai authorities on the birthday of George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., the creator of Ferris wheel. He made Ferris wheel of 264 foot in the year 1893 at World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago. It is reported that the Dubai Eye can withstand a hurricane of Category 3 or able to sustain winds at the speed of 129mph.

The construction of Blue Waters Island and Dubai Eye are aimed to strengthen the position of Dubai in tourism sector. Dubai is working hard to build the reputation of emirate among the leaders of retails landscape and global entertainment. With these constructions, Dubai is aiming to draw income through tourism. Like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Eye will definitely become an iconic structure that dominates the skyline of Dubai. The visitors can enjoy shopping at the proposed souk in the Blue Waters Island in Dubai. The visitors can enjoy staying at the proposed 5-star hotel in the island.

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