Dubai Eye

After a rough decade of the International Financial Crisis, that also has its fair share of effects in Dubai, along with the fizzling out of several previous fantastic projects, Dubai seems to get back to normal. In 2013 February, it has announced its new world record setting project the building of the Dubai Eye Ferris Wheel, which will be the largest Ferris wheel in the world. Let us look at this breathtaking project along with the scheduled dates of finishing it.

Dubai is world famous for having the largest number of world record setting buildings and establishments. The last and biggest project in the world, the huge Dubai Land seems never to become the sort of entertainment paradise as it was planned to be, but Dubai is not discouraged and keeps on going in terms of great, outstanding establishments. The new world record setting Dubai Eye was the idea of the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Makthoum who plays the largest role in Dubai becoming the world trade and tourist centre as it is today. The Sheik’s own building and development company, the Meeras Holding Ltd., will develop the fantastic project.

Dubai Eye will not only be just one giant Ferris wheel. It will be a whole brand new island, entertainment and shopping complex which will be located nearby the downtown of Dubai, by the Jumeirah Beach Residences which is the beachside area of the large Dubai Marina project. The Dubai Eye will be 210 metres (688 feet) tall and will have a very special construction which will stop the huge establishment to be affected by the wind and thermal movements which may seriously affect such a tall building, especially which is located on the sea. The Dubai Eye will be standing on a small island, which is yet to be built about 200 metres from the shoes of Jumeirah Beach Residence. The island will not only house entertainment and hospitality buildings but it will also have a luxurious residential zone that will house some of the most expensive suites, apartments and penthouses in Dubai.

With the help of the Dubai Eye project, Dubai plans to have an even larger number of tourists and visitors. This time, the emirate does not only target the abroad states but also its neighbouring cities, such as Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, from where it hopes that there will be a substantial growth in the number of visitors, as soon as the Dubai Eye stands and functions. If the Dubai Eye will be ready, it will surpass the current largest Ferris Wheel in the world which quite unsurprisingly stands in Singapore, Dubai’s closest opponent in terms of world record setting achievements. The whole Dubai Eye project’s name is Bluewaters Project, which means the whole island and the total of establishments that will accompany the Dubai Eye.

As we can expect, as soon as it will be ready, those who get the chance to have a ride on the Dubai Eye will experience perhaps the most marvellous view in the world. Along with the huge skyscraper city of Dubai Marina, the sight of the unique palm-tree shaped island the Palm Jumeirah and a great birds aspect to the whole downtown of Dubai, alongside the breathtaking view to the beautiful sea of Persian Gulf.

As planned at the moment, the Dubai Eye / Bluewaters project will be built in two phases. While the first face contains the building of the island, the Dubai Eye itself and the establishments of the island, the second phase will include the building and completing of the residential zone. The whole project is planned to go down extremely quickly, in terms of architecture. We are sure, that Dubai will this time bring another outstanding world record to the table, which will surely not be surpassed for a long time.

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