Dubai Fish Souk

The fish souk is also called fish market in Dubai. When you visit the portside area of the older downtown part, called Deira Corniche going along the beach side of Dubai, it is obligatory to visit the fish souk as well. Of course, only if you bare the strong smell of sea fish. Dubai, being a seaside metropolis has a rich culinary culture in preparing fish dishes, and fish is often eaten over here.

Souks are traditional market places of the Middle Eastern region. Like the bazaars of India, souks are noisy and crowded with people. Cries of vendors calling out to prospective customers as well as people bargaining with shop keepers are a regular sight. Historically, souks were an important destination for traders from around the world. They unloaded their goods at these markets. Buying and selling of several items like spices, nuts, fabrics as well as other products took place here. The souks in Dubai were bustling and even now they are a great attraction for people. The Dubai fish souk is not a conventional tourist attraction; but it is fascinating to see the different varieties of fish and sea food displayed.

The Dubai fish souk is located at Deira and you can find barrels and giant tubs laden with king fish, red snapper, rock cod, barracuda, tune, lobster, crab, king prawn, sea bream, squid, pomfrets, shark, mackerel, sardine as well as the local hammour fish. All around the year you find the regulars as well as specialties of the season at the souk. One of the most famous sights at the souk is the blue lobster from Fujairah. Baby sharks are also known to draw a lot of attention. The fish and sea food is fresh and it is extremely intriguing to watch traders unload the crates of fish into the souk, the shopkeepers cleaning and the gutting and the customers haggling.

The best time to visit the Dubai fish souk is early in the morning and at late nights. As it is with all fish markets, this souk is also very smelly and dirty. The souk is not meant for people with weak stomachs. People who cannot stand the rancid smells and the butchers at their work should not come to the fish souk. Those who can, it would be indeed smart on their part if they wore old clothes and shoes; in case they get spoiled you can always throw them away. Else, better it’s better to go waterproof. For the most part, the Dubai fish souk attracts a lot of photographers. You can find them trying to capture the abundant and bizarre varieties of fish displayed in the stores.

The Dubai fish souk recently obtained a total renovation. This was done to keep the traditional souk alive and spread the awareness of their importance to the locals and tourists alike. In addition to the fish souk, there is also a sea food restaurant for tourists to sample local varieties. There is also a vegetable and fruit market nearby which offers specialty fresh fruits of the region.

A fishing museum also lies nearby, which showcases the fishing culture of Dubai and the neighboring areas. Fishing has been a part of the rich heritage of the region and with the Dubai fish souk; it relives the habits and practices followed by traders back in the day. If you find fish markets exciting, then a visit to this old-fashioned souk is definitely worthwhile.

Dubai has a very rich variety of sea fishes, it was once a village that dealt mainly with fishing, so you can imagine how many types and variety of foods related to fish they can prepare over here. The Dubai Fish Souk is located at Northern Deira, but if you take off at the Gold souk bus station, then from there it will only take a few minutes’ walk to get there.

The Dubai fish souk lies portside at a relatively big area. The anglers’ boats still go out each early-morning to catch fresh fishes for the people to buy. Fish can only be sold and eaten fresh, so life at fish souk starts early in Dubai. Situated in the Persian Gulf, Dubai is blessed to have at least a dozen of different species of fish that people can consume daily. We all know how healthy it is to eat fish, so if you are a fish-fan, then you must definitely try some of the best fish dishes. Not to mention the other seafood specialities such as octopus, crab or clams.

Dubai has all types of souks in Deira, the Medina city of the metropolis. Deira is a former base of the capital of this sheikhdom. The Dubai government has done a lot to enlarge the importance of Deira, by enlarging the number of attractions. If the third Palm shaped island, named as the Palm Deira happens, equalling the size of a city, then Deira will be a very important transit district, where people can go shopping and spending their free time there. Deira is packed with many types of traditional souks or marketplaces. There is the Fish souk; then down on the road you can find the famous Gold Souk. Then, there is the Textile Souk and the general souk for shopping all types of ingredients for a great meal. There is a Perfume Souk where you find all types of cosmetics and oriental oils. These beautiful sites are the most suitable for one to feel the local culture and some of the ancient atmosphere of Dubai. Souks have also formed the central part of the city, the centre of life, where people get to meet up and have a good talk, where merchants negotiate, where locals go to shop and meet up with their friends or family members.

Fish souk also packs with the best seafood restaurants of Dubai. Therefore, if you want to taste the best fish foods of Dubai, you should come here. In the evening hours, this site looks beautiful, being just by the sea. To make your visit more romantic, take a dhow cruise along the Dubai Creek, then stop by the fish souk to taste the best fish foods in town.

You can find several souks clustered around the old part of Dubai. Exploring all of these souks is a must if you are visiting UAE for having a shopping experience and you will be extremely amazed by the wide range of goods that can be found in these bazaars. Like any other marketplace, souks also remain noisy and crowded with customers. You will always find the mixed voices of vendors and customers in the atmosphere of these souks. Like the souks that sell nuts, fabrics, souvenirs, spices, jewellery and many other valuable items, you will also find a fish souk here. Even though Dubai fish souk is not the central tourist attraction but you will be amazed to find different varieties of seafood and fish here.

You will find Dubai fish Souk located at Deira district. The wide variety of seas food and fish that can be found here includes lobster, tune, crab, red snapper, king fish, rock cod, sea bream, barracuda, squid, king prawn, shark, pomfrets, sardine, and mackerel along with the local hammour fish. The Dubai fish souk is famous for providing sea food of all types throughout the year. One of the most amazing sea foods that the souk contains is its blue lobster all the way from Fujairah. The baby sharks at the souk also get attention of several visitors here. The best thing about Dubai fish souk is that the variety of sea food and fish that can be found here is always fresh. Moreover, the sight of traders unloading their crates of fish here along with shopkeepers cutting and cleaning them is itself a sight to see.

However, if you are a person with weak stomach then Dubai fish souk is not the right place for you as it remains dirty and smelly during the peak sales hours. That is why it is not recommended for those people to visit Dubai fish souk who cannot stand the smell of fish and do not have the guts to catch a sight of the butchers at work.

The best time to visit Dubai fish souk is during early morning or late nights. People who wish to visit the place are advised to wear old shoes and clothes because there is always the chance of getting your clothes spoiled while visiting the market. Most tourists visit the Dubai fish souk just to capture the amazing fish and sea food collection of this place.

Due to the fact that Dubai is situated at the Persian Gulf, that is why it is blessed with a wide variety of species of fish that thousands of people can consume on a daily basis. Knowing how healthy and nutritious seafood is, you should definitely try out the best fish dishes that are made at several restaurants in Dubai. Dubai fish souk also remains packed with seafood restaurants to satisfy your appetite. As it is located just beside the sea, you will find the site to be extremely beautiful during the evenings. Overall, you should experience the sight of Dubai fish souk and make it a part of your Dubai trip, if you are willing to explore the whole of this city.

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