Dubai International Film Festival

We do not know much about the movie–making qualities of Dubai, but we know about the power of money in Dubai and its very improved sponsorship activity in the recent decades, let it be about sports, business or culture, Dubai is the partner that anyone would like to get as a sponsor. Dubai International Film Festival was born from the simple fact that film festivals are a huge pulling force for thousands of people to travel to Dubai. If you do such an event, first you will need to invite the most prominent faces of the movie world, directors and actors. They will bring all the media and celebrity power to be concentrated in Dubai, during the time of the Dubai International Film Festival.

Dubai has the ultimate will to increase cultural understanding between the different nations and cultures. What can be more effective than making dozens of intercultural events, music and film festivals in their huge metropolis? Dubai has been always smart when it comes to sponsorship. Dubai likes to sponsor events, people, and actions that have direct positive impact on Dubai. That is why Dubai prefers these international events where there is the chance to promote intercultural friendships and understanding, and at the same time, to promote the picturesque town of Dubai as well.

Contrary to the fact, that Dubai alone did not do much in film making so far, but Dubai International Film Festival puts high emphasis on the overall Arabic filmmaking, which is indeed rich. Turkey, Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon, are all leading film making countries in the Muslim world. It is a pity that most of them have no worldwide broadcastings, except only on Arabic or Turkish channels. Many might not even heard that in the Fifties and Sixties Egypt had produced as many films as Hollywood did, if not more. These mentioned countries have done much to get international anticipations, with high profile movies, parts of which also represented in the cinemas worldwide. Arabic countries have indeed much to offer for the international audience in such cultural area as filmmaking. Here, let us also mention about all the famous French-Algerian directors and actors who have done much as well, for the international recognition of Arabic cinema. Dubai International Film Festival founded the Muhr Award for Excellence for specifically awarding the top Arabic movies, actors and directors of the year, not only to celebrate but also to motivate the Arabic cultural world to make more and even better movies. Later on, to stretch the possibilities, Muhr Award for Excellence had divisions into the Arab Muhr Award, and to the AsiaAfrica Muhr award. Such a film festival, where Arabic films are celebrated did not exist before in this quality, so we can now see and understand the cultural importance of Dubai International Film Festival.

Dubai International Film festival has the following programs: the representation and viewing of the nominated movies, the Animation films segment, the Rhythm and Reels open-air cinema, the Magic of Cinema World photo exhibition and the amfAR Cinema fighting AIDS representing the charity segment of the event.

As in every year, in the beginning of December, the Dubai International Film Festival will take place. Dubai International Film Festival is also widely mentioned purely as DIFF. Dubai Technology, Electronic Commerce and Media Free Zone Authority organizes and sponsors the Dubai International Film Festival. If you feel like attending this alone-standing event, then you have the chance too. Just log in to the website of Dubai International Film Festival and you will find more details on how to attend.

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