Dubai Maritime City

The Dubai Maritime City will be facing the huge Port Rashid, the former biggest industrial port of Dubai, and is expected to take over most parts of the water-transportation and many more water related activities.

The Dubai Maritime City is a huge complex as we could get used to huge things in Dubai. The complex is set up right by the sea, facing the huge Port Rashid, one of the largest ports in the Middle East that deals with cruise ships and yachts exclusively with its cargo part totally moved to Jebel Ali Port. This was a strategically good decision, as both the Jebel Ali Free Zone supports the Dubai business with its best amenities, together with the Dubai Silicon Oasis, but these complexes due to their nature are not located in the downtown area. The Dubai Maritime City is supposed to be the centre of maritime life.

Dubai Maritime City will consist of the following zones: Maritime Centre, the Industrial Precinct, The Academic Quarter, the Marina District, the Harbour Residence, and the Harbour Offices. Now let us say a few words about each segment in order to get to know more about the whole operation of the Dubai Maritime City.

Maritime Centre is due to be the centre of the Dubai Maritime City. This will be the business centre with five skyscrapers with their own task in the navigation and management of the maritime business of the whole system. This district will be the miniature of a business city with a main boulevard, an entertaining and catering part and with several hotels in its zone. The Maritime Centre will comprise eight seaside and three interior segments.

Industrial Precinct will be the place where all the industrial activities will be conducted, including the ship repair and yacht repair and manufacturing segment. This will be one of the hugest seaside industrial parts of the whole City. It will contain 42 dry berths, specifically for reparation and manufacturing process. It will host a hundred of warehouses.

Academic Quarter is the centre of the Dubai Maritime City and hosts several academic institutions with targeted academic studying centres inside, offering classes of naval engineering, naval science and other studies. This place will be a great chance for naval and maritime companies to give chance for their staff to learn and study, not having to leave the area of the Dubai Maritime City

Marina District and Harbour Residence: These two places is target for yacht owners, containing exclusive services for living or staying in the beautifully designed seaside area. This part is which contains the most leisure and entertainment possibilities, with hotels and apartments and villas for rent or purchase.
Harbour Offices: This will contain 19 buildings overlooking the beautiful Harbour area making this zone a great gateway to the Dubai Maritime City.

The Dubai Maritime City will soon become a great touristic site for everyone to visit, specifically the Marina District, where there are already several leisure and entertainment possibilities, which you will see in the Dubai Guide and Dubai Nightlife topics. When it is fully completed, the Dubai Maritime City will make a great and very important part of the business life of Dubai.

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