Dubai National Day Festival

Dubai National Day Festival is held every year on 2nd December. The Dubai National Day Festival also called Independence Festival as it celebrates the day when Dubai gained independence from the British Empire.

Dubai style of celebration is something big. The Dubai National Day Festival, being an annual event contains superb attractions on the decorated streets of Dubai. This is the time for everyone living in Dubai to celebrate and prepare some great surprises for their visitors for this very day.

In order to understand the importance of Dubai National Day Festival, we need to go back a little into the history of Dubai. Dubai is a Gulf Sheikhdom, currently one of the seven that form the United Arab Emirates. According to the written records and remaining found in the area, people have lived in the area of Dubai from the 9th-10th century already. Commonly called as the Jumeirah people, their life based on fishing and making artefacts mainly made out of clay or palm leaves. The area was calm and nothing special until Jumeirah people came to know about their fantastic treasure, which later brought the name, importance and the startling development to the area. This treasure was pearl. As soon as people realized the high value that one pearl can bring, and the fact that others would like to buy them, they started merchandising, first in the Gulf area, secondly going even further to India and Africa. The merchants also saw the possibility to import goods from these far-away places, so the settlement of Dubai has started to grow and then became a business hub of the Middle East. The tribes mainly dominated the area. In addition, the area was never peaceful, due to the many tribal wars. In the 19th century finally Great Britain, the greatest empire of all times arrived in Dubai. Already knowing of its importance, they decided to make Dubai a British Protectorate. With this step, they did a lot for the improvement to the whole area and stopping many fights that took place. Dubai was part of the British Empire from 1892 to 1971, in the age when most of the African and Asian British protectorates started to fight for their independence. Then, the weakening empire decided to give up on having Dubai as a protectorate but letting it to be independent by having it later as a stable business partner. Finally, in 1971 on 2nd December, Dubai became independent. That is why they hold Dubai National Day Festival every year.

On Dubai National Day Festival, you can enjoy also several exhibitions all around town. Many museums count no entrance fees on this day, so it is really worth visiting the Dubai Museum to learn more on the history of Dubai. Dubai National Day Festival gives place to many musical events, concerts in the evening. The huge fireworks over Dubai in the evening are also a must-mention.

Since then, Dubai National Day Festival is all about free celebration of Dubai and although it aims the patriots, they are well prepared to have tourists too, celebrating with them. For the celebration, the buildings, streets and all the important entities are decorated. There is music and many special programs for this day that makes it a great enjoyment. So get prepared, pack your baggage to spend some of your winter holidays in Dubai to celebrate Dubai National Day Festival along with the locals.

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