Dubai Oasis Centre

Dubai Oasis Centre is a pretty shopping mall located next to Sheikh Zayed Road, the main road going through the centre of Dubai. Dubai Oasis Shopping Centre opened about a year ago. It s situated on four floors in a huge building in an area of 1 million square meters. The Oasis Centre is not far from the third Interchange of Sheikh Zaed Road, outside of Dubai city centre, rather in Jebel Ali, which is a quickly growing area of importance in Dubai.

Oasis Centre is a nice shopping mall located along the main road of Dubai, the Sheikh Zayed Road. The shopping mall is useful for both locals and tourists for many reasons, although it is a little bit further from the main attractions of the city, it is quite easily reachable with the Dubai Metro. The Oasis Centre is often mentioned in connection with Dubai furniture shopping places as it houses one big furniture store, the Home Centre and a great decoration store, the Q Home Decor, with both brands being very popular in Dubai, when it comes to furnishing or decorating interiors.

Jebel Ali hosts the biggest and main cargo port in Dubai. With the opening of Jebel Ali Freezone, the business importance of this region has grown drastically. Together with the huge working areas also come the residence areas, so there are more people today who live in Jebel Ali, which also has some great resorts nearby. It offers the widest collection of outdoor sports facilities, from horse riding to jet ski. You can exercise your favourite sport relaxed in Jebel Ali. The Dubai Oasis Centre lies in the middle of a retail area offering other shops too, like Mitsubishi Motors. Nearby the shopping mall, you can find the Etisalat Office, the Jebel Ali Cricket Ground and the Belhasa Driving Centre. Before going in or after coming out of the shopping centre if you have some free time, then you can see the famous port of Jebel Ali, well at least some part of it.

Dubai Oasis Centre is great in its promotions. First, it has its own newspaper called Oasis Times that people can download from the internet, from the website of Dubai Oasis Centre. This shopping centre is relatively new, but already offers many programmes for its guests.

Next to the more than 350 shops, there are also about a dozen facilities catering all around the shopping centre. This shopping centre has many sales and special offers almost every day. There is Women’s Day in the shopping centre, offering various discounts for women on specific days. There is also a card called Shukran, meaning Thank You in Arabic. With the help of this card, you can earn points and in this way, you can earn more and more money to spend next time in the Dubai Oasis Centre.

The area of the shopping mall is around 130 thousand square metres and with this, it counts as a mid large shopping mall. The Oasis Centre has 4 floors and approximately 77 stores and additional shopping -kiosks to welcome the visitors. The developer of the shopping mall is the Landmark Group, which is quite huge in the Middle East. The building of Oasis Centre is unique especially on the inside where it houses a large glass dome on its rooftop that lets a great deal of light within the shopping mall. This glass dome is the largest in the Middle East, but due to its construction, it seems slightly smaller than it is in real.

Among the larger store Oasis Centre, houses the most worth mentioning include Carrefour hypermarket Centrepoint which is a family centered department store offering all sorts of childrens’ goods, maternity wear and fashion items of several quality lifestyle brands.Other department store includes “Brands” another great line of department stores which offers primarily fashion items, accessories and cosmetics for its visitors. Among other clothes retails, you can find brands such as Springfield, Max or New Look. Other unique brand of store that Oasis Centre houses is the Daiso Department Store. Daiso is a Japanese brand and it is first time in Dubai, and in concept, it is very similar to hypermarkets as Auchan or Tesco. So, far Daiso has proved to be popular among locals.

Oasis Centre has a great deal of variety when it comes to stores. From electronics to apparel and furniture, you can buy everything in one place and this is to the like of many people. The variety of jewellery stores is also great, you can choose between the variety of elite brands such as Joyalukkas or Damas Jewelleries.

When it comes to sports and entertainment, Oasis Centre has a huge Fitness area where ladies and men can train in the same time. The secret of this solution is, that the fitness centre has been divided into two parts in such way that noone misses anything when it comes to training. The mall also has a nice food court where all sorts of fast food brands offer their food for hungry visitors. The mall also has its own pharmacy, optical stores and money exchange services; it has Arabic garment stores and also tailor services. You will find several bank offices within the shopping mall as well as stores of mobile phone suppliers as well. For children, the best place for them within the mall is definitely Fun City, with different entertainment options for children of different age.

Most important attractions of Dubai Oasis Centre are the Ladies Fitness Centre, which is the very first in its kind in whole Dubai. The Carrefour Express, being a smaller version of Carrefour, is also highly popular among shoppers. Thinking about the children, there is an entertainment centre for them called Fun City. Here, you can find just any and every type of shop that you are looking for, from fashion to jewellery, from a great variety of watches to handbags. There are six banks within the shopping mall.

Therefore, whenever you feel like you need a day out shopping and feel good, then head to the Dubai Oasis Centre to have some shopping and to have fun. You can take a bus to central Jebel Ali. From there, it takes only a few minutes by taxi, to reach Dubai Oasis Centre. The best way to get to Oasis Centre is either by car, along Sheikh Zayed Road, or by Metro, which has its own stop called Oasis Centre. The shopping mall is not far from the huge Business Bay area and the Safa Park. Oasis Centre is open from 10 am to 10 pm with the exception of a couple of stores, such as the super-and hypermarkets which open earlier.

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