Dubai Towers

We can see several projects that have come true in Dubai, projects which otherwise would not have been able to be realised or, to be more precise, to be constructed nowhere else in the world. However, there are a few examples of architectural dreams, which could not come true, not even in Dubai. One of the finest examples to this is the Dubai Towers complex. The Dubai Towers complex was to be the biggest project all around the globe, there were many waiting for it to be ready but as it seems now, it could not be constructed yet.

Not too long time ago, the United States was called The Land of Promise where they said everything could come true, where everyone could make their dreams come true. However, time has passed and now the new Land of Promise is definitely to be found in the United Arab Emirates and inside it, in Dubai.

When Dubai Towers complex was to bring new dimensions into architecture, the main strategy was to create something not yet created, or to be more precise, which was by far impossible to create by any architectural knowledge.

When seeing the plans of the Dubai Towers, all you do is to admire the beautiful forms and wonder when they will ever be such a building. The main idea was to create Dubai Towers complex inside the centre of Dubai with the main idea of creation of four towers, the highest, and wildest, candlelight shaped towers of different heights, reaching towards the sky. The tallest tower of the four would have reached 400 meters height; punctually it would have been 1.310 ft. tall. The remaining three of the Dubai Towers would have had their height around 300 meters. The number of floors in the towers would have ranged from 57 to 94. Is it unbelievable just to imagine how it would have looked like?

The candlelight shapes of the Dubai Towers intended to symbolise the world harmony and hope. The main developer of the Dubai Towers complex project was Sama Dubai , being already world famous a couple of years ago, when it started another worldwide known alone-standing luxury project in Dubai, named the Lagoons project, which caught the attention of basically everyone, getting many actors, superstars and countless of the wealthy already to buy their future home there. So people said, as Sama could make the Lagoons come true, there is no reason that would stop him to make the Dubai Towers as well.

The Dubai Towers would have contained basically every facilities one needs when staying or living in Dubai, ranging from thousands of shops, hotels, shopping centres or even schools and homes, to mention a few. It would have been an example of what human are able to achieve in the modern days, with the use of the most modern architectural knowledge. By far, it has remained one famous example, when human want to reach the unreachable.

However, Dubai, the New Land of Promise has several times proved to reach the by far unreachable. Therefore, who knows, might be, one day we will see the Dubai Towers, which will surely create one unbelievable landmark. With the Dubai Towers, we could get to know one beautiful dream, which is yet to come true.

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