Dune Bashing in Dubai

Dune Bashing in Dubai

Before actually talking about the possibilities to try dune bashing in Dubai, we need to know more about the Dubai desert, the characteristics of riding in the desert, and of course, about the desert safaris, during which you can experience dune bashing in Dubai.

Dubai, the “Pearl of Gulf” has a very lucky location, as it lies on the coast of Persian Gulf. On the other hand, the territory of the entire metropolis was built on the Dubai desert. The land of Dubai is an almost wholly deserted area that does not give much chance for locals to grow plants. Therefore, in the ancient times, people living in the area of today’s Dubai mainly dealt with either fishing or farming. Getting water inside the land has always been a hard task. Dubai does not have many natural rivers or lakes on its area. The only region where there are chances of growing plants is in the Hajar Mountains, where plants get a little bit more water. That is why the importance of wadi is so high. You may hear the word “wadi” several times, as the local people have given the name of Wadi to many attractions, having connections with water. Wadi means valley that fills up when there is rain and can supply locals with much water for a while. Wadis filled with water were just as important as the oasis in the middle of the desert. That is why Dubai people have a long-time respect for wadis.

This desert with beautiful yellow-red colour of its sand is really an alone-standing desert that is worth visiting. There are daily safaris going out of Dubai, going out to the desert for inviting tourists to taste the traditional life over there. Dune bashing is one of the fun activities one can try, during a desert safari, but with much care. Sand is famously the hardest ground to drive ever. The drivers of the Paris-Dakar would have a lot to say about all the dangers of sand driving or dune bashing. However, as short-term activity, it is really a must-try for the fans of driving, especially for those, who have never experienced sand driving before.

To mention a few things about the desert safaris, they usually contain many types of attractions for tourists. Desert safaris usually start in the late afternoon hours to prevent people who are unused to the heat of the desert during the day. Further, sunset is the very beautiful in the desert. Joining a desert safari will get you a chance to ride a camel, to taste some of the local specialities cooked right there on fire and to try the popular sand boarding, which is very similar to snowboarding as in its feeling.

The drivers of the Desert safaris use always a 4×4-wheel car, to let wheels run with equal power. Otherwise, the car would be inside the sand within a couple of minutes. Dune bashing is also great, because you can go up and down in a SUV on the huge sand dunes of Dubai desert. You also learn a lot from this great experience. You might never know when you will need this knowledge of how to perform dune bashing and sand driving next.

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