Esprit Shops in Dubai

Almost everyone from Europe or from the United States knows the brand Esprit. Esprit has long been a higher category but yet casual brand selling good trusted quality clothes for the people. Esprit has opened four shops in Dubai the first being in the Dubai Mall. So, look for it, might be, that you find something great for you to wear for a much reasonable price.

Esprit started from San Francisco, but today the ownership is joint venture between its main Hong Kong and Germany headquarters. Its management is Hong Kong Chinese. The Esprit brand has three main lines: the main collection also shown on the catwalks during the seasonal shows, then there is the casual wear that you can buy in any store with the jeans and denim collections, knitwear and so, and the EDC sub-brand that is aiming the young generations with fresh designs and colours. Esprit has always been one solid favourite in both Europe and in the United States, when it comes to shopping something to wear for work or for going out simply.

Esprit has over 770 stores in 40 countries of the world; and according to its business philosophy, many different manufacturers make its collections. The Esprit home ware and interiors collection came out some years ago and operates with big success ever since. Esprit has always been famous for their pure, clean designs, reliable fine quality materials and fair prices. The last novelty about Esprit is their Esprit Urban Casual label, which released in 2008 aiming the teenage generation.

People in Dubai like Esprit, first, because of their good quality, second because their clothes are not extravagant, neither too sexy, allowing them to be worn by Dubai women. Dubai men like Esprit for their clean cut shirts and suits and for their reliable good quality. Esprit is also famous for its great watches collections including also jewellery, which they also sell in mixed brand stores all over the world. The Esprit home collection is also great with always the fashionable fresh colours and designs. Esprit launched its first fragrance a couple of years ago and now they have multiple fragrances sold all over the world with great success.

Esprit Jewellery features about twenty different collections, all made with great quality diamonds and other gemstones their most famous materials used include gold and white gold. The Steel Man collection sells all sorts of high quality cufflinks exclusively for men of course. There are about fifty different cufflinks included in their collection. In “Time wear” collection, Esprit features about fifteen different collections for women, and ten different collections for men. Their diverse segment within the timepieces sells solely Swiss watches for both men and for women. Esprit is the sole seller of the Houston time wear brand as well, selling “ordinary” and Swiss made Houston watches. Esprit watches and jewellery can be found in the biggest shop of Esprit within the Dubai Mall and they are sold in various international jewellery stores.

So, look around in the Esprit shops in Dubai, might be that you find some great prices and some great pieces that you have not seen before. Moreover, if that is not enough for you, you can always look for even cheaper and rare pieces of Esprit in the Dubai Outlet Mall.

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