The Fashionable Paul & Shark in Dubai

Paul and Shark is in a type of fashion business which is more than well going in Dubai, especially because the type of clothes it manufactures are not manufactured by other designers or retail shops in real. The Italian brand is for this reason very famous in Dubai and although its designs are nothing but cheap, largely many Dubai locals and expats demand them at the same time.

Paul and Shark is a brand that was born in Italy in 1921 and was first specialized in all sorts of knitwear. You can do many items by knitting. Therefore, good quality knits have become popular in its birthplace. Then its success started to go high by changing its profile into not only sportswear but also for typical yachts wear as they call. The style of Paul and Shark is quite similar to what Lacoste does as a simple yet classical sportswear producing clothes that are equally good for sports while free time activities and for going out. Its different tennis shirts are more than popular with the matching trousers. As yachting and golf does have connections in Dubai, by some of the mixed type clubs (Dubai Creek Golf and Yachting Club) Paul and Shark loves colours in menswear, so most of its collections have various colourful patterns.

Paul and Shark does not only say that they manufacture yachting collections. They went deep into analysing the type of clothes that yachters need according to activities and according to status before creating their first collection. That is why even professional sailors and sailing teams choose to wear Paul and Shark instead of other menswear. As the temperature and weather conditions might change in any minute while you are out on the sea, they took care of this by producing some enduring and reliable raincoats and even parkas together with their collection. They also thought of the UV rays of the sun while designing their next line and of course, they have seasonal collections as well. The brand only uses high quality materials that make them very popular in the circles of everyone who is the fan of water, let it be yachting or sailing.

Paul and Shark items are highly popular in all those countries where yachting and sailing is popular. This takes the entire Mediterranean region and the Caribbean as primary target sites and ever since Dubai has decided to take part in the sports according to their taste and pointed out yachting as a future favourite in Dubai, Paul and Shark stores has been running more than successfully. You can find Paul and shark stores in the Marina sites, such as the Dubai Marina, in the very downtown and in the old town part as well. Today, the brand today is in fashion with everyone doing yachting and as we know, there are plenty of yachters in Dubai. The biggest store is in the Dubai Mall, but there are brand shops also in the BurJuman Centre, in the Mall of the Emirates and in the Marina Mall of Dubai Marina. Surely more of its shops will be built once the Dubai Maritime City is ready, located quite close to Bur Dubai old town centre.

So, do not hesitate to visit one of the classic Paul and Shark store while you are in Dubai. Who knows one day you may find yourself sitting on a yacht or by any chance having your own yacht. In that case, you would run to pick up some Paul and Shark garments to stay hip and stylish, so it is better to do sooner, during the summer discounts, than later.

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