H&M Clothes in Dubai

H&M is among the best selling fashion retail brands in Europe. Therefore, considering this fact, naturally there are more H&M stores in Dubai because Dubai loves to have all the highest selling brands in the world.

H&M is an originally Swedish Brand but due to its highest success in Germany with the highest number of stores (377 stores in Germany alone, which make it more than double the number of shops in its motherland) together with the closeness in their style, the brand is often considered a German fashion brand by many. H&M is the abbreviation of Hennes and Mauritz the founders of the brand which today is by far the most famous and highest selling teen and young-style brand in Europe.

H&M has launched many campaigns with European and International celebrities in order to gain fame in Great Britain and the United States too, the first of which was their last milestone in Europe to gain. Ever since, the success of the brand is simply unstoppable in Europe and ready to brake into the market within the United States too. H&M has their shops in Dubai of course, with the largest being within the Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates causing extreme success especially their kids and men’s collections considering the fact that the local Muslim women cannot wear their stylish clothes. H&M is very popular for their campaigns in which a top designer brand releases some of their own designs specifically created for Hennes and Mauritz. These campaigns in the beginning of each cause huge frenzy in all H&M stores. Among the designer was Karl Lagerfeld, Sonia Rykiel, even Madonna and the newest collection is said to be designed by the Versace house itself!

H&M has many sub brands. The Young Collection, the Kids Collection, the Hennes and Mauritz Collection containing the more elegant casual and evening wear and a very good H&M Underwear collection. The accessories of H&M are very famous among just everyone. H&M has a huge advantage before most of the retail shops because its items are extremely cheap and stylish all the same.

The H&M has an incredible number of over 2300 stores in 41 countries, employing altogether 81000 employees. In the United Arab Emirates, the brand has 12 stores and incredibly, the 13 stores being in Saudi Arabia are working with great success. The first H&M opened in Dubai Mall, the most recent shop is in the Deira City Centre, but you can find the brand in other shopping centres too. H&M has great discounts multiple times a year, now the summer discounts are on, so do not hesitate to look into one of your closest H&M stores! You can also find H&M in the Dubai Outlet Mall and if you have some time you can find great timeless fashion items over there too.

H&M is a great brand because it is always able to come up with new and fresh ideas and its dresses are not solely for the young generation, everyone can wear its items no matter young or old. However, for sure H&M is always stylish and can give you plenty of chance to find your own style. Dubai likes fashion brands and the number of H&M fans is growing rapidly. If you have a chance, look around in some of the best Dubai H&M stores to find some of your future favourites to wear.

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