Find Banana Republic Stores in Dubai

Although Banana Republic is not an individual brand, as they belong to the GAP brand, it has some great items, perfect for summer. The company with this nice name represents the more elegant and exotic, sometimes sporty urban style which is perfect to wear for travel, for travel and adventure, hiking and equally for having a great night out in the city. In Dubai, we can find one big store of Banana Republic located in the Dubai Mall. So, let us see what makes Banana Republic so successful in the fashion business:

Banana Republic is an US brand, founded in the early Seventies; and today, it is a label of the huge GAP jeans concern. Banana Republic has been created to represent a travel conscious, wilder, exotic, colourful and more non-casual urban wear. In addition, Banana Republic represents more of a jeans-free style with which it become hugely successful first in the United States and then in the whole world. The main difference between GAP and Banana Republic is that the Banana Republic offers much wider choice of everything for better prices. Of course as its regular now, in the U.S all items of the Banana Republic can be bought online all the same. When talking about the Dubai demand, many like the men’s collection and the children’s collection. The accessories of the Banana Republic are fine and its footwear looks appealing.

Banana Republic also offers great jewellery collection. In women’s fashion, it represents two main line of collections: the Heritage collection and the BR monogram collection as well. Wisely exploring the possibilities that lie in a smart logo, Banana Republic had been widely acknowledged for its Logo-Collection. People also love the stores of Banana Republic because most of them are exotic travel themed, one even featuring a large Jeep inside the jungle in one of its stores. The brand has over 500 stores worldwide. Banana Republic is popular for having great materials out of which their collection is done. Its male collection is also quite in demand by the male public. Dubai males for sure like the trendy clothes of the Banana Republic. The only store of the brand is located in the Dubai Mall. In addition, some of its items are also sold in multiple brand stores, mainly its accessories and jewellery.

Banana Republic is a young brand targeting mainly the younger generations, selling them great pieces for a very good price, which is becoming even better now, as the Dubai Summer Surprises price-diminishing event in Dubai has started. Other times you can get lucky with an in-shop discount and some other upcoming E-discounts as well.

So make sure, when you are in Dubai, you must definitely visit the huge Dubai Outlet Mall, where you can find the best-discounted items of Banana Republic. This outlet centre is the biggest in the world and it is most popular to visit for its huge variety of fashion items. So, do not hesitate and get some cool stuff in the store of Banana Republic.

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