Shopping for Springfield Clothes in Dubai

Springfield is one of the Spanish success stories coming right in row after Zara and Mango brands. Springfield originally had intentions to be a “men-only” brand but due to its great success and to all the wives and girlfriends’ votes a few years ago, it also started its women’s collection with the primary target staying on men. Dubai loves Springfield too because it sells great modern yet elegant items from suits to classics from socks to underwear. A man can find just everything in Springfield. Dubai for this reason has a growing number of Springfield stores opened in the last few years.

Springfield is a kind of “Spanamerican” brand. It is Spanish by its origins and American in its looks. It sports the American trends, it likes casual in its full meaning, says no-no to skin-tight trousers for men and stays effortlessly stylish all the way. Springfield it battling with the all-superb-cool Italian brands, but while Italian might be sexier for some, more men are voting for Springfield instead. Its prices are also very competitive doing all good for the brand. The other good thing in Springfield is that it has a huge variety of menswear. From sportier to the classic look, it goes all the way. The patterns are great, they use much livelier colours than most of the male brands yet they do it also effortlessly. Springfield without doubt is the most successful menswear brand in Europe and it is ready to conquer the world. Springfield was one of the very few which have seen the possibility in entering to the all women-dominated fashion world by making the very first chain of menswear stores selling collections for suitable prices.

Today, there is at least 2-3 Springfield in all the bigger European cities. The brand is very famous also in Japan and it is currently conquering the men’s society of the Middle East, which is not hard at all. Arabic men love to dress up well, they also like colours and style in clothing and having a well available brand at hand does all but good. Springfield also sells accessories in its stores and came up with its first perfume not too long ago. The brand is ideal for a man who does not have much time, so he does and shops everything in one place. Some of the items sport a definite US University look which has quickly become world famous after watching the American classics from the Eighties. Springfield has also more than great knitwear for the winter seasons and comes out with quite good beachwear for the summer season. This time in Dubai, it is great to refresh any man’s wardrobe from Springfield, as there is the Dubai Summer Festival, which means great discounts just everywhere in town.

Dubai certainly knows a lot about touristic pulling powers and cheap shopping of great brands is certainly one of them. In Dubai, you can find all the hippest European, Asian and Intercontinental brands all the way. The only difficulty will come when you have to choose which one to prefer. However, in this way, you will have the easy way with Springfield, not having many competitors in its range. So, do not hesitate to look around at one of the stores of this highly successful brand, when you are in Dubai. You can find Springfield in the Dubai Mall,

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