Exciting Tour to Hatta Village

Hatta Village is an unparalleled tourist spot in Dubai. It is a place that can give you a sense of being in the past, present and the future – all at the same time. The beauty of this tour is that you will visit two entirely different kinds of places – a lush green valley with full of water ponds and pools and greenery, and a scorching and sprawling desert land that flaunts tall and high sand dunes.

Go around the desert lands and mountain lines of Dubai, which will narrate a grand history of the place. Touring the desert and the red-rock expanses by a four wheel drive vehicle is an adventure by itself.

Following this, you can tour the exciting heritage village of Hatta. The old Fort and the House of the Sheikh are absolutely romantic and memorable. You will enjoy watching the traditional methods of irrigating the date trees. Take a dip in the Hatta pools and experience the tranquility. Then move on to the old Fort, which has turned now into a hotel, for a tasty, sumptuous food.

Tour Highlights
Your Heritage tour to Hatta will start by picking you up from your hotel, by an air conditioned four-wheel drive vehicle – whether you are in Dubai, Ajman or Sharjah. As for the guide, you will need to tell your operator in advance the language of your preference – English, German or French. Obviously, you will not want to miss knowing anything on this tour because of language problems.

The route of your tour will be dotted by several small hamlets, farm lands, and red-dune sandy expanses. Your journey takes you through romantic landscapes of rich desert colors to arrive at Wadi, a beautiful, natural valley. During rainy season these valleys become heavenly and mesmerizing with twinkling pools of water, flowing streams and awesome waterfalls.

Then you will see the wonderfully resurrected 200-year old village of Hatta. A visit to this place will vividly bring before you the past history of Dubai which was laden with rich traditions and grandeur. You will get to spend about 30 minutes in which time you can create your own memoirs of the place by taking a few photographs of the Fortress and the historical grand house of the Sheikh.

From here you will proceed to the world famous water spots of Hatta. These pools are soothingly cooling. You can even take a dip in these water pools and feel absolutely fresh and rejuvenated. Whatever little fatigue you would have experienced during your journey will be gone and you feel fully refurbished.

By now, you will be quite hungry for an appetizing lunch. You will be taken to the Hatta Fort Hotel – the ancient fort turned into a hotel today to host the tourists. You will have a wonderful menu on your lunch plate which will give you a few ideas about the traditional Arabic delicacies as well.

After a flavorsome lunch, you will start your journey back to the hotel, in the same way as you were picked up in the morning. More information and booking this great Hatta tour.

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