Famous Sports Bars in Dubai

The thing is that no matter where you are, eventually you will run into a bunch of sports fans, of any of the hundreds of sports, watched or exercised today. What is the camel and horse race for Dubai; it is the soccer and baseball for all the European and transatlantic expats living in Dubai. With the higher number of foreigners, came the question on how to entertain them? Dubai knew that since long ago, those non-Muslims need places to drink, to dance, to have fun and to watch sports. What is better than enjoying viewing of a match of your favourite team with others at a pub? This way the atmosphere is very exciting. However, the truth is if we see it from upside down: where there are foreigners, especially Europeans, Americans an Australians, then there is no way they would live without their beloved sport bars or bars. Today, there are at least a dozen places to go to see your favourite sports. Let us talk about the most visited downtown places now:

Irish Village, The Aviation Club
This is one of the most popular outside of Dubai sport bars. Officially being the hub of international cabin crew and pilots, this place will remind you of an airport, or a tennis stadium, which in fact is no joke, the Aviation Club had been built inside of a tennis court. You can watch the most popular matches over here with a great company of other fans. Without doubt, it is a great place for soccer and tennis fans.

Harry’s Place, Renaissance Dubai Hotel
This is more of a relaxed place, definitely not for the shouting fans. Being part of the Renaissance Hotel, Harry’s Place is a suitable place for enjoying some sports, together with a meal and of course, with a company.

Dhow and Anchor, Jumeirah Beach Hotel
If you want a place with a fantastic view, you should not miss the Dhow and Anchor, being part of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. This place is made to look British with all the cosiness and warm colours. Although it has great possibilities for you to watch cricket or any sorts of British favourites, yet this is a great place for those, who would only like to enjoy the game partly. The view itself is so mesmerising that it will not let you entirely concentrate on the TV screen.

Icon Bar and Lounge, Radisson Blue Hotel, Dubai Media City
Icon Bar and Lounge is another great Dubai sports bar located in the luxurious Radisson Blue Hotel, being part of the Dubai Media City. This is a quite modern bar it is just the contrary of the British style but so far has been proven quite popular.

Apart from these examples, many more Dubai sport bars or bars broadcast sport programmes. Dubai sport bars offer another great type of attraction, mainly for the foreigners as part of the Dubai nightlife entertainment. If you are in Dubai, you can still get chance to view your favourite athletes or teams and at the same time even to get a couple of new sports fans as new mates.

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