Visit The Top American Bars of Dubai

Despite the stringent laws regarding the consumption of alcohol, there are still many American bars in Dubai. As a result of these regulations, most of the American bars in Dubai are located within the hotel complexes although there are one or two exceptions. It is statute that drinkers must be over 21 and to go into a nightclub the age is increased to 25. All bars in Dubai must close by 3am. It is also a part of these regulations that no person can be denied entry into any nightclub even if it is a members club. Be warned though that many nightclubs get around this by charging extortionate entrance fees. So, when looking for American bars in Dubai, remember to look inside the hotel complexes first. There are plenty of American bars to be found in Dubai, here are some of the best:

Probably the most recognized name is the Hard Rock Cafe. No bar in Dubai could be more American than this one. This was once situated rather out on a limb compared to others bars, but the area has now been developed and it is now a part of the attractive Marina district. They serve all the favorites that you can get from any Hard Rock Cafe, and as part of the multi national chain, you know exactly what to expect.

Longs Bar is a replica of an old American rustic bar. They have great offers on chicken wings throughout the week at varying times and also feature discounts on drinks, ladies nights on Monday and Tuesday when women get 2 free drinks between 9pm and 12pm. This is a popular bar that tends to get rather rowdy.

Pachanga Restaurant is a south American bar and restaurant offering Brazilian, Cuban and Argentinian fare.

Carters is a chic bar and restaurant which is situated in the spectacular Pyramid Complex. This establishment gets its name from the Egyptologist, Howard Carter. Opening from noon until 3am, this place is buzzing from 10pm. Ladies night is on Wednesdays when the female customers get a free drink after which they buy one and get one free. On Tuesdays happy our lasts all night for discounts on drinks. The dress code in here is classed as presentable but no shorts. On Thursdays from 10pm a DJ is in residence and the the place get packed.

Alamo is a Tex-Mex bar situated within the Dubai Marine Beach. This is a bar which offers a restaurant service too. It is extremely popular and can become very busy at week ends from 10.30pm onwards.

Champions is located within JW Marriott, this is the ultimate sports bar. Most live sports events are featured here and screened around the entire bar on numerous televisions. They open daily from 12 noon and on Fridays from 6pm – 2am

To visit Kasbar is said to be something of a mythical experience. They are said to have some of Dubai´s most popular DJ´s playing the latest music to dance to. Situated in the Royal Mirage Hotel, they have a strict dress code which exempts anyone wearing trainers, sandals or local dress. Best to stick to smartish but comfortable.

If you are seeking American bars in Dubai this is just a rough guide. You can take your time and enjoy getting to know what each of them is like. Spend your days sightseeing or relaxing around the pool and then seek out an American bar for a brief taste of home.

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