Fancy Cocktail Bars of Dubai

It might be strange for someone talking about Dubai cocktail bars, knowing that according to Muslim rules the consumption of alcoholic drinks are either strictly prohibited or strictly limited in the Muslim countries. Yes, Dubai today has such a thick foreign population, for which it had to keep updated with the growing need for Dubai cocktail bars, especially by the British and American businesspersons who indeed do like to drink alcohol. Of course, several cocktail bars also offer alcohol-free cocktails as well. So, let us see some of the hippest places in Dubai, where you can get great cocktails:

Stepping into this bar will make you feel as if you are in New York. Located in the Mall of the Emirates, in the Middle of the New Dubai area, this bar attracts several people to taste some of its best cocktails, such as the Brumble, which is a smart mixture of gin and Chambord. The interior design of this bar concentrates on the darker shades of purple and green, overall the place is dark, making it suitable for table candlelight and romantic meetings. There is an enjoyable music played as background music. The cocktail offer of 1897 is rich though, so if you are a cocktail lover, you can be sure to be a regular in this bar. Try the black pepper lavender martini also, it s really worth! 1897 is really a great place to pop-in daily; it is not luxurious and has a down-to-earth friendly staff as well. This is one of the most suggested places out of all Dubai cocktail bars

360 degrees
Now, this is indeed an elegant bar on the list of Dubai cocktail bars offering a magnificent view to the Dubai downtown. The 360 degrees Bar is in the luxury beach hotel, called the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and it has proven a great investment by welcoming hundreds of guests every day. The place is relaxed though very hip at the same time. House music is played over here as background music. The cocktail offer of 360 degrees bar is specifically designed according to the regular needs of tourists and expats. Some large sofas make the place look and feel friendlier. There is no better place for seeing Dubai bathing in the lights of the beautiful sunset.

Apres is definitely one of the unique bars in Dubai, as it is in real an Alpine style ski-lodge bar. The interiors will also remind us to the mountain European atmosphere, and knowing that the Mall of the Emirates also houses the great indoor ski centre, we will see it no wonder that they have also created a bar, suitable for the Alpine atmosphere. There are several contemporary designs as well over here, making the place look cool inside and the bar is said to have the best cocktail makers in town. There also caters inside Apres, so in case your cocktail will make you hungry, all you need to do is to order a great meal. Of course, Apres has a view to the Dubai ski, making the place even more authentic.

So, these are some of the most well known Dubai cocktail bars with the highest quality cocktails, each one is definitely in the do not-miss category. If you would like to know more on the Dubai cocktail bars, ask around at your hotel or on travel forums, yet, when you are there you will not need heavy efforts to find one.

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