The Best British Bars in Dubai

Hereby we introduce you to some of the best British pubs and bars in Dubai. Dubai as an ex-protectorate of the British Empire still treasures some of its history, having some of the best British pubs in the Middle Eastern region. Famous for its sports broadcasts; fine beers and great English beefsteaks and puddings the British bars are practically always visited, especially by expats of course.

A British pub or bar has a certain atmosphere taken from the centuries of ruling the whole world. English people, nobles and military men were famous for keeping all their rules, no matter in which part of the world they lived. In real, this is what they call “ruling”. These British pubs will certainly give you the very same feeling with all their cosy furniture most of them member of the eternal British Victorian style, named after Queen Victoria whose reign was the longest in the history of Great Britain and the United Kingdom.

So let us see some of the finest examples for a good British pub in Dubai:

1. Double Decker Pub, Al Murooj Rotana Hotel
It is a great old time favourite English Pub in the middle of the downtown very close to the Dubai Mall. With the newly opened garden, this Double Decker themed pub will sure be this summer’s favourite place to be. With a fine selection of dozens of British beers, this place is a must-visit for all the beer lovers.

2. Nelson’s, Media Rotana
Al Barsha districts owns English Pub, being part of the Media Rotana is a great English pub really making you feel in Great Britain. But, thinking of the new times and of all the sport lovers, Nelson’s have a great TV system broadcasting multiple sport programmes at the same time.

3. Cricketer’s, Ramada Continental Hotel
This is a real Cricketer’s place. This reason alone would be enough to call this place a real British pub no matter how its interiors look like.

4. Dhow and Anchor, Jumeirah Beach Hotel
This is a luxury British pub heavily reminding of a British saloon with all the sofas and carpets that are all bringing back the Victorian ages. The colours and the whole atmosphere are very relaxing over here, making it every English club lover’s paradise. The place also has a great broadcasting venue, not forgetting about the most important sports programmes.

These are only some of the British Pubs in town. For sure, when you are walking all around this metropolis, you will find lot more British pubs, smaller or bigger than the upper mentioned. However, please note, that due to law restrictions, most of these places, pubs, and clubs must be part of a hotel; otherwise, the alcohol consumption would not be allowed at all. Therefore, head for getting a club and pub guide, with the help of which you can continue your exploration of diverse entertaining places, out of which British pubs are only one option.

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