Fendi Clothes in Dubai

Fendi is an outstanding name and label in the international fashion business. The huge business power of Dubai could not avoid Fendi either, which today has two shops where its clothes and accessories are sold. Fendi is one of the best-known Italian brands for style and ever since its fashion director is Karl Lagerfeld, who brought Chanel to eternal fame. Fendi is a well-established and highly valuable design brand all over the world.

To say a few words about the history of Fendi, the fashion house Fendi was born in 1925 when its first handbag and fur fashion store first opened its doors in Via del Plebiscito, Rome. Fendi has remained a family business ever since. The young couple Edoardo and Adele Fendi led the recreated new FENDI fashion corporation. Fendi has become quickly popular in all over Rome than later on in whole Italy, for the high quality of its furs and leather goods. The Fendi brand is quickly becoming the favorite of the rich and famous, the high classes of Rome and Fendi is getting more and more regulars from the upper classes.

From 1946, the daughters of Edoardo and Adele took over the family business with lots of new ideas and new motivation in design. In the sixties, one of the most important things happened in the European Fashion world and that is when the Fendi sisters met Karl Lagerfeld for the first time. The Fendi sisters already well known for their novelties and new ideas released their designs. With the ideas of Lagerfeld, the Fendi business started to flourish on an international level, thanks to the innovative ideas and the highest level of couture in designs. The first “double F” Fendi collection of clothes was introduced in 1969 at a fashion show introducing both haute couture handmade items and prêt a porter multiple made items of clothes. That is when the so popular Fendi handbag became one of the most looked-for accessories by the rich women of Italy.

The handbag section of Fendi will also be soon reinvented, with the presentation of the softer sorts of Fendi handbags of all sizes. From the Seventies, the growing of Fendi is simply unstoppable, as more and more stores are being opened first in Italy and then outside of Italy as well. In 1977, Fendi is the very first fashion brand to which a museum exhibition is dedicated, called “FENDI – Karl Lagerfeld, a working history” representing the whole design process and all the innovation during the reinvention of the old brand, becoming one of the trendiest fashion brands in Europe. The exhibition is created in dedication of the 16th anniversary of Fendi. For this special event, the very first Fendi perfume is introduced to the public. The Selleria exclusive line of Fendi is also brought into the mainstream. The Selleria is an entirely handmade exclusive collection , producing all sorts of bags and leather ware with the co-production of the best saddlers of Italy.

The iconic baguette handbag was introduced in 1997 causing a frenetic success as the very first handbag of its kind. Later on, more than 600 versions of this baguette handbags were created, each one becoming a high-selling product of Fendi. Following the success of Baguette bag, comie the “Spy” bag and the Fendi bag. From 2006, Fendi joined in to the LMVH Group and the already famous Prada brands. There were some serious scandals around Fendi and its fur collections, by the animal rights activists but we do not have knowledge if Fendi has stopped using furs or not.

Fendi’s world famous event was its 2007 fashion show, which was the very first fashion show in the world held on the Big Wall of China. Thosands took part in worldwide unique event. Fendi’s success in the fashion sphere is unquestionable.

Fendi opened its first store in Dubai, in the famous Dubai Mall, in 2008, which has been already a very promising business opportunity for the brand to sell its labeled clothes and accessories to the Middle Eastern shopping public. Dubai was already worldwide known for its extreme luxury shopping potential proving to be the best place for design labels as Fendi to open stores in Dubai. The second Fendi shop can be found in the BurJuman Center in the Saks Fifth Avenue shopping centre within the mall. Shopping of Fendi, especially its accessories namely handbags is very cool in Dubai, the shops are full of the orders of local royal and rich women who all would like to have the newest collections. The clothing line is also very popular.

If you are in Dubai, it is really worth seeing the beautiful collections of Fendi with a great style which never goes out of fashion. The clothing lines are rather classical, mixed up with the little bit of extravagance. Dubai is making Fendi even more successful with its great shopping potential. Do not forget to drop in to a Fendi store during one of your shopping tours in Dubai, might be that you will have your lucky day to fall in love with one of the beautiful items or clothes of Fendi.

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