Buy Fendi Handbags in Dubai

Fendi, although not as strong as the current leather-ware giants Louis Vuitton and Prada still has a very respectable place in the ranking when it comes to the most popular brands of handbags on the international fashion market. Another great trendsetter Fendi is delegated by the same Karl Lagerfeld who has made Chanel to renew and to flourish as the top haute couture fashion empires of today. Although the two brands are extremely different in style, the house of Fendi has become famous for its extravagant colours and forms, while Chanel likes to stick with the eternal pairing of black and brown.

Today Fendi has been partly following the main Italian trends featuring lots of beige and different shades of brown but it didn’t forget about its strong colours. This seasons trends feature some of their handbags coming out with heavy black and white stripes, luminescent reds and featuring even the main colours of the rainbow on their brand new Spring’s handbags. Fendi has been a very serious trendsetter when it comes to Fendi handbags and belts they are paired up with. Having been found in the ninety-twenties the house of Fendi is famous ever since, especially in Japan which is still the strongest bastion of all luxury brands.

Fendi was the first brand which came out in 1930’s with its trendsetting handbag the small baguette Fendi handbags. The baguette shape is still making the base of their collection as to represent the brand’s roots which made Fendi so famous. Fendi currently represents four main lines: the Fendi collections, the Whisperer collection and the Forever Fendi collections. Apart from Fendi bags, you can find their whole collection of outfits for men, women and children and the brand recently came out with its Fendi Casa collection of interior design and furniture line. The perfume collections of Fendi are also selling very well.

In Dubai, you can find the flagship boutique of Fendi in the Dubai Mall. This is currently their one and only brand store in the UAE but their collections are also sold by the Saks Fifth Avenue located in the BurJuman Center. Fendi handbags are almost entirely made out of leather or suede only a fragment of its collection is made with the inclusion of textile. Their handbags perfectly go with the actual colours of a season and most of their leather goods can be worn for years without someone seeming not trendy. Fendi also deals with quality watches, linen, beach wear, leather belts, all sorts of shoes and eyewear too. In Dubai Fendi’s goods are really popular and are considered among the famous brands for both men and women. Fendi such as Dior or Louis Vuitton is owned by the French luxury goods empire the Louis Vuitton-Moet Hennessey Corporation.

When you are in Dubai, especially during one of the shopping events which come with great discounts, its really worth looking for the beautiful Fendi purses, either at Fendi’s flagship store or in the Saks Fifth Avenue. Fendi handbags are always delivering something fresh and really fashionable and they are always considered a great buy.

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