Find Your Soulmate by Dating UAE

If you are looking for online dating, then stop searching further. I have used this largest and best Dubai dating site until now. I have my own personal experiences by which I can claim this to be the best. I have joined many other dating sites, but I faced some problem or the other with most other dating sites. However, after joining this site, I had to search no more. Many sites offer complete free of cost dating options, but you cannot trust these sites as the free offer attracts everyone and many frauds also join them. Thus, there is a possibility of large number of frauds on those sites.

This Dubai dating site offers both free and paid membership. This keeps away the frauds from joining the website. If you are serious, then always a paid membership is better than a free membership. I have been a Gold member for the past six months and have found a suitable date. I have been dating here for the past four months. It is this site that as matched my profile with hers using their powerful auto-matching tools.

This Dubai dating site gives a number of features to its users. They provide four types of memberships, namely, the Trial membership that is free to use and the Silver membership, Gold membership and the Platinum membership. The last three types of memberships are paid. Each paid membership has their own set of facilities for the users with Platinum membership offering the highest facilities. If you are very serious about dating and looking for a soul mate, then I can recommend them Platinum membership. However, if are seeking love, then having a Gold membership is good enough.

What makes this Dubai dating site different from others is their restricted policy when members sign up to this site. They screen the profiles of every member and if they find anything illicit or uncensored, they remove or delete the profile immediately. This feature gives the website an atmosphere of true love and not lust.

The customer support is extremely commendable. Once I was having some minor issues while upgrading my membership from Silver to Gold. Then I contacted the customer care. They responded to my mail within an hour and gave easy solutions to my problems. Customer support is an important feature of any website and if this is unresponsive, then it makes the whole system haphazard. However, this Dubai dating site has an extremely fast and very responsive customer support.

The unique feature of this site that stands out among others is their powerful matching tools. They have four different options related to matching dates. Soul Mate matching option where the site matches your profile to some other person based on a series of question and answer on psychology. Star Match matching option where matches base on Zodiac sign and birth dates. Select Match matching option where matches base on a series of question and answer related to your interests and past days. Sensual Match matching option where matches base on lower or higher sex drive.

Thus, there an endless and highly interesting features in this Dubai dating site. I am using this dating site and I recommend this site to others too.

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