French Restaurants in Dubai

If we see, which cuisines are the most popular all over the world, then for sure we will find French, together with Italian on the top 10. You cannot find, as many French restaurants as Italian anywhere in the world, so all French restaurants must be highly valued. The French cuisine uses the most special ingredients for cooking. The seafood, the fish, all sorts of meat, the pâtés, the ratatouille, all praise the high knowledge of French cuisine. Dubai also highly appreciates the French cuisine and the wealthy of Dubai and the expats of France often attend all the French restaurants that can be found in Dubai.

France has created eternal style in many things in many ways. Apart from the Eiffel Tower, France is world famous for many things. France is world famous for its style and for its cuisine. The two mentioned features have many connections with each other. In a way, France is known of Paris and it is known of Provence and of Nice and Cannes and all the Mediterranean section. The cuisines in these parts are different. People treasure the Mediterranean and Provencal cuisine the most. They use Fresh ingredients, due to the great climate and warm sun in the mentioned regions, ensuring fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish all year long. Ever since joining the European Union, France puts an extreme emphasis on the agricultural development, this way also empowering the status of French cuisine.

So, let us see what to do, when we are in Dubai and we are hungry for the French cuisine. The number of French restaurants in Dubai is surprisingly high. All sorts of French restaurants, cafés, bars and bistros make life in Dubai much more colourful.

Café Chic of Le Meridien in Dubai
One of the hippest French Restaurants in town, Café chic has great offer of French delicacies, such as escargot or ratatouille fresh ingredients and helpful staff make the whole Café Chic experience alone standing. Do not miss the famous frog leg!

Reflets Par Pierre Gagnaire
One of the most looked for French Restaurants in the city this great restaurant is situated in the Dubai Festival City as part of the French Intercontinental Hotel. It is ideal for dinner, as the top meal of French is dinner. This experience will ensure the absolute French feeling. Do not miss the desserts!

P2 Dubai
Part of the Souk Madinat Jumeirah, this little place will make you feel a bit like at a French protectorate, as in Morocco. The P2 has a great atmosphere, hearing all the French words will certainly make you feel to join in to a French language course all of a sudden!

St. Tropez Bistro
Now this is a great Mediterranean place for you and your friends, family or business partners to feel the chic of one of the most beautiful Mediterranean little towns, St. Tropez. The advantage of the place is that it needs no elegant clothes, just casual. In addition, the prices are low and the atmosphere is fun. This is a perfect place for lunch!

However, this is not the end of the whole list; French restaurants are all over the place! In Dubai, there is a great chance to find them all, if you have both the time and the budget for this beautiful culinary experience. Try some of these French restaurants of Dubai when you have the chance.

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