Getting Health Insurance in Dubai

If you are not familiar with the Dubai health insurance, it is no problem at all. You will for sure be, if you are planning to work or to live in Dubai. Health insurance is a-must, if you plan to spend a longer time in Dubai. Therefore, if you have such plans, do not hesitate to get more information about it.

Dubai health insurance is very important as Dubai wants to close out everyone who is not healthy enough to live and to work in the Emirate. This insurance is also one of the main state incomes when it comes to the visa and entrance procedures in Dubai.

In case you want to work in Dubai, there are two possibilities. There are companies that cover the health insurance while some that will not do so. The health insurance is the easiest to get by the application for a health insurance card, which will cost you an approximately 300 USD and will be valid for a year. For getting a valid health insurance, you must go through all the basic medical check, including the normal tests and blood tests. This is to ensure, that you are planning to stay for a longer time and you are healthy enough to do so. Dubai wants reliable workforce and this is one common test of physical reliability.

As Dubai health insurance is valid for a year, so everyone must go through controls yearly. There are now more and more companies dealing with the issuing of health insurance cards and dealing with the whole procedure. However, the best way is to find a potential employer who covers the expenses of your health insurance.

Please remember that having a valid Dubai health insurance is also the subject to getting either the temporary or the long haul residency. Most people arrive in Dubai with tourist visa, which they later change to work visa or obtain a residence card in Dubai. The residency is given to those who have every required document on your work, your labour card, your health insurance card and a couple of photographs. The residency is valid for 3 years and can be renewed for a given number of periods. The laws of the United Arab Emirates change very rapidly, so do not forget to contact your local embassy for more information on the actual requirements.

If you have residency but out of any reasons you stay outside of Dubai for more than half year’s period during your Dubai residency, then the residence permit becomes VOID automatically and you must obtain another one which means wasting of more time and money in the offices.

So, make sure you are familiar and up to date with all rules. Find a company who supplies you with Dubai health insurance in order to cover all your potential medical costs in case anything happens. Do not worry, this all seems harder than it is, only you need to have every and any of your documents at hands reach and then there will be no problem at all, with neither your Dubai health insurance nor with your residence permit.

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