Gold Jewellery by Christian Dior

Christian Dior is among the most famous fashion brands in the world. It’s also among the oldest fashion brands which caused a big success in first in Europe and then in the United States going all over the world. Dior has a sound success in Dubai as well, where some of its great label boutiques can be found. Dubai, a great fan of luxury and gold jewellery was very happy to welcome Dior among the first main luxury brands to set up its store in its city and sheikhdom.

Christian Dior Fashion House was founded in Paris in 1946. Today the House of Dior deals with several aspects of fashion, including all sorts of haute couture and prêt a porter fashion, quality accessories, leather ware, cosmetics, fragrances, timepieces and fine jewellery too and its without doubt one of the world’s strongest signature brand when it comes to fashion and luxury accessories. Christian Dior has released its first collection of fine gold jewellery long-time ago with a great success. Today the Dior gold Jewellery creates fantastic quality pieces of jewellery, which are famous all around the world and which are manufactured with the highest care, with the usage of the best quality metals and gemstones. Dior Jewellery features thirteen different collections, out of which 2 are bridal or contain beautiful engagement rings. The main motives of Dior Jewellery are the flowers, in every shape, form and colour. This is in memory of the founder Christian Dior, who was an avid fan of flowers and gardens all his life. There are currently four main collections with the main theme of roses, two great haute couture collections and several elegant collections all gold and diamond, which represent the Gourmad collection which stands out with its non-average forms. The main jeweller of Dior Gold Jewellery is a highly talented jeweller called Victoire de Castellane, who really designs outstanding pieces of beautiful gold jewellery.

Dior like to work with both yellow and white gold and it loves the high usage of all sorts of coloured gemstones which range from the most expensive till the beautiful coloured half-jewel stones. The Dior Jouallerie Boutiques are operating differently from the Dior fashion boutiques. We can currently find two places in Dubai where you can buy beautiful Dior jewellery, with their label store located within the Dubai Mall and their beautiful collections also represented in the Saks Fifth Avenue, being part of the BurJuman Shopping Centre. Naturally Dior features its diverse accessory collections too, but these together with the fashion items. Its men’s jewellery collection can be found in the Dior Homme boutiques. The main collection of Dior Joallerie doesn’t have more than cufflinks for men, the main emphasis is on women’s haute couture and prêt a porter jewellery. Dubai loves the best quality jewellery, so its no wonder that the collections of Dior are extremely famous in this sheikhdom.

When you are in Dubai, you will see that this special city is really the biggest fan of local and international gold jewellery. You will see such stores stuffed which you see mostly closer to be empty in other countries. Dior has a great respect around its name, thanks to its great quality and high quality standards. Check out Dior’s main gold jewellery store which can be found in the Dubai Mall.

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