Elegant Collection by Christian Dior

Although Dubai is known for keeping world-class brands yet there are some brands that have given the boost to Dubai fashion industry. The fashion shows and exhibitions by these brands have attracted a large number of audiences and have given the fashion awareness to the local people of Dubai. One such brand is Christian Dior. The fashion company is considered to be the pioneers of fashion industry and has truly left its mark wherever it has opened its store.

Christian Dior is a French fashion brand that has been making its customers successfully over a long period. The luxury brand has the finest designing accessories of clothing, handbags, scarves, and any fashion accessory that you name it and it will be available on Christian Dior store. The store in Dubai is categorized with men collection, women collection, and kids’ collection. Although the kids’ collection has still some way to go, the other two collections have the best fashion accessory in the world. The high quality and reliability of the product is the signature of the brand. The design itself speaks of its perfect craftsman ship.

The elegant women collection by Christian Dior is all about style. The new summer collection has played with the shades of white and black as well as to create some majestic effect with the colours like Aubergine, Lavender, and Red have been used. The Christian Dior store in Dubai offers a huge range of women fashion accessories. The formal collection of haute couture and the trendy collection of ready to wear have the world’s best design clothing. All clothing has the finest stitching as well as the amazing fabric used in it. The leather collection for women has the range of handbags both for formal as well as informal use. The elite class women mostly admire the high quality leather wallets.

The handsome collection for men is all about grace. The new summer collection by Christian Dior has experimented with the shades of white and black. To create dramatic effects, blue and grey shades have been added. The cuts are the beauty of its clothing. Clothing speaks for the amazing designing and high quality material used for it. The men collection also includes ready to wear. This collection has been appreciated all over the world and people are willing to pay any price to make the mark of Christian Dior on their clothing. Other accessories by Dior include wallets, handbags, and trendy glasses.

The fragrance edition by Christian Dior needs no words for its appraisal. Each edition smells the breath-taking aroma. The company store in the Dubai Mall is as much appealing as the brand itself. The lavishing floor and the collection display in a trendy blue wall attract the customers from miles. The staff at the store is very helpful in explaining the theme behind each item and showing the complete catalogue of the collection at store. The store in Dubai mall always updates their collection in coordination with the company.

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