The Luxurious Christian Dior Brand in Dubai

When the first fashion house of Christian Dior opened in 1946, no one did know that the Dior name will soon be one of the most commonly used designer names when it comes to haute couture and famous designers. Ever since John Galliano was chosen to keep and develop the traditions of Christian Dior, the brand is more famous than ever.

Christian Dior clothes are famous for their great shapes, the usage of diverse extra high quality materials, and the quantity of materials it uses. To this day, Christian Dior is the most famous for its evening gowns and elegant style as well as for his eternal love of flowers, which he often used as his muses in his collections. In the recent years, Dior has placed high emphasis on its cosmetic range and perfumes. Thanks to which Dior is an everyday used and seen name, which is managing to promote the French style on the side of Chanel, Lanvin and Yves St. Laurent. After the death of Dior, Gianfranco Ferré was asked to fill the position to be the creative director at Dior and he did a good job, yet the arrival of Galliano following Ferré, was like fresh water to the plants. With all the incredible haute couture, Galliano has designed spectacular fashion shows for Dior, causing a frenetic success. In the hands of Galliano, Dior is getting recreated, refreshed from time to time, without eventually losing its main style, which is the elegance in itself.

The designer himself was a man dedicated to fashion, spending twenty years working in collaboration with others before he could open his very first own store, after the second world war came to an end.

Today, the brand has three basic segments: Dior Fashion, Fragrance and Beauty, Dior Fine Jewellery and Timepieces. They design everything at Dior; the Timepieces collection even contains a special Dior cell phone as well naturally for an extra high price. Dior is currently housing a themed exhibition in the memory of Monsieur Dior.

Dubai knows the important of selling the highest rated brands, and with the targeted opening of the largest ever, the most luxurious shopping malls in the world, Dubai made its intention clear that it wants all the biggest brands in the world to open their shops in the city. Most top brands are opening their third store in Dubai, due to the great interest and the great luxury shopping potentials all the shops are generating over there.

Their latest fashion collection, handbags, shoes and sunglasses are available at the local stores. The first Christian Dior Boutique in Dubai has been opened in the Dubai Mall, the world’s ever-largest shopping mall, in the downtown of Dubai. Today, there are two main hubs of Dior in this Middle Eastern metropolis, one remaining in Dubai Mall, and the second being in the Mall of the Emirates. In addition, there are some mixed-brand stores selling Dior pieces, cosmetics or perfumes, and accessories as well. In the Dubai Mall alone, there are about ten shops selling different types of goods by Christian Dior. So, do not forget to see some or most of them. Some of the collection can be even caught at the huge Dubai Outlet Center.

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