Where To Buy Dior Sunglasses in Dubai

Dior sunglasses are branded range of eyewears manufactured and distributed by the French fashion house Christian Dior. This fashion house was founded in 1946 by Christian Dior, who belonged to a wealthy family. The company manufactures many luxurious goods like footwear, jewellery pieces and fragrances, ready to wear clothing and fashion sunglasses. Dior introduced its line of glasses and sunglasses after the World War I for both men and women. The Dior eyewear line was started with aim to provide finest quality and variety of sunglasses to both genders. Dior sunglasses are best way to protect the eyes from harmful UV ways without compromising on style.

Christian Dior pieces are considered a symbol of quality and style. These sunglasses are preferred and bought all over the world especially in the Middle East cities like Dubai. Some of the unique features offered by Dior sunglasses to its customers are,

• Unique styles and detailing: Most of the Dior sunglasses have the handcrafted frames that are manufactured according to the needs of the customers. The detailing done on these sunglasses gives them a unique style and shape. All this detailing and designing is done by the hands of expert and experienced craftsman.

• Colors: The shades in which the Dior sunglasses are manufactured makes them unique from other branded eye wears. The color palettes of independent tone like blacks, brown and gray are frequently used to make the frame of these glasses, so as to offer sophisticated, stylish and elegant sunglasses for both male and female.

• Durable and eco-friendly. Dior sunglasses are made from finest quality metals and lenses, which in turn increase their durability and make them a better investment for the protection of eyes. Moreover, all the materials, colors and technologies used in the making of these sunglasses are eco-friendly, so as to ensure the protection of the environment along with the eyes.

• Lenses: Dior sunglasses have range of lenses that have the ability to protect eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, some of the lenses used in Dior sunglasses are polarized and photo chromic.

Dior sunglasses haven been introduced in wide range of varieties. Some of the most famous Dior sunglasses range in Dubai are

• Dior Aventura sunglasses: This range of eyewear is the most popular one because their shape. Most of the Aventura glasses have the rectangular shape and are made from acetate, which increase their durability and protect them from extreme wear and tear. This range of sunglasses have Dior logo embossed on both sides with either jewel or sparkling stones.

• Dior Air 1s : This range of Dior sunglasses is designed for both men and women. The style of Air 1s glasses in kept classy and elegant so they can be worn on any occasion.

Like other branded sunglasses, Christian Dior also has its presence in Dubai city. However, to avoid fake products, the tourists and natives of Dubai are suggested to buy the Dior product from authenticated retailers. Some of the well known authenticated retailers of Dior sunglasses are Solaris and Rivoli Eyezone at the Dubai Mall.

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