Handbags of Prada in Dubai

Prada is one of the most popular luxury brands when it comes to handbags. Miuccia Prada from Italy has managed to build a real fashion empire which is today ranked among the top influential and top selling luxury brands in the world. The clean design and the light colours of Prada handbags make lots of women go crazy for them. Although the price of Prada handbags is extremely high, Prada’s other brand the Miu Miu represents a somewhat cheaper range of handbag and fashion item collections. Let’s see where we can find Prada handbags in Dubai, a luxurious city that is crazy for the most expensive fashion items in the world.

Prada is famous for its great seasonal campaigns and their distinctive design and colours they use for each one of their collections. Prada likes the colours which are not extravagant, not too strong, but loves white, the different shades of beige, brown, pink, pistachio, pale yellow, pale orange and black. The designs of Prada are so heavily bought that there is a long waiting list in almost all of its stores because of the demand being so high. Although Prada is primarily a maker of leather goods their other accessories, such as glasses and sunglasses, belts and shoes are extremely famous too, not to mention their fashion items and garments for both men and women. Prada is pretty strong on the cosmetics market too with its fragrances out of which these are at least 2 new perfumes released every year.

Prada was one of the key designers which have brought back the trend of the clean and plastic style of the sixties and early seventies and also they were among the designers which have always promoted the usage of extra large totes and handbags. Prada was not too long ago enlisted on the huge Hong Kong bourse as it was selling out some percentage of its ownership, due to their huge debts which they could not yet pay back. Prada has its main clientele in Asia and the Middle East therefore they plan to concentrate on the Asian market from this year. We can expect some more Prada boutiques to open in the Middle East as well, however right now the brand is willing to enter the Chinese market with the establishing of about twenty new stores there.

Right now the three main current trend setters when it comes to handbags are Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci and Chanel. All these trends are heavily popular in the Emirates. Prada currently has only one place in the city to sell its goods e.g Prada bags which is the BurJuman Shopping Mall, more punctually the Saks Fifth Avenue which is the official US retailer of Prada items. We can expect more official stores to open in Dubai in the next few years, either on its own or through Saks Fifth Avenue.

Prada handbags are in the centre of many women’s everyday dreams. Therefore, it’s a great chance for you to take a look at these brilliant designs also in person when you are in Dubai. And what more, you can also buy all Prada pieces sold through Saks online in the whole territory of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates which is a relatively new addition to the e-shopping possibilities that Saks offers for its international clientele.

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