Health Insurance by NEXtCare

NEXtCare Health Insurance is a Lebanese-German international Third Party Administration company acting as a representative body of the huge Allianz group, which concentrates on the Middle Eastern countries with the inclusion of Egypt. NEXtCare offers fine complex services in the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Currently NEXtCare is among the biggest insurance and other management service suppliers of the United Arab Emirates, having a key role in terms of health insurance and other business related services.

Most important is to note that NEXtCare is not an insurance company, yet it provides insurance options but never directly. As they say, they are a Third Party Administrator that works in close relation with businesses and sells its services only through other companies. The huge company sells its services to the insurance companies all over the Middle East who sell the insurance packages of NEXtCare from then on. The approximate number of clients purchasing the services of NEXtCare is getting close to a million already. NEXtCare is in strong cooperation with 61 insurance companies in the Middle Eastern region that sell its services to the people and to other companies.

NEXtCare is famous for its great discounts and for its competitive prices that count as cheap in the light of their quantity and quality of services.

Let us see a basic list of the main operations of NEXtCare:
• They offer Risk Assessment Solutions: provide risk management and up-to-date analysis of the relation of the product and the customer. Thanks to this feature, each insurance company and other business can make notes and the whole system will prepare the premium tables and the risk units to help work.
• Managed Care Services: It means a non-stop medical care centre and a non-stop administration of all admissions, certification and medical insurance related services.
• Preferred Provider Networks: from the moment someone made a contract and bought a service of NEXtCare, they can also directly contact NEXtCare and they get all information on their relevant costs. The bureau also offers direct discounts for their clients.
• Software Solutions: NEXtCare has its own software called TATSH, which is business management software with a segment specifically designated for the handling of insurances also. The special software of NEXtCare plays a huge role in the good and always updated quality of each business.
• Additional Services: NEXtCare offers special trainings, coordination and data sharing with its clients, appointing VIP clients who also get specialised healthcare related services. NEXtCare also offers Human Resource Trainings and other employee seminars
• A non-stop customer service to its clients: Customer service as way of communication is vital for a good business to stay alive. NEXtCare places high enhance to provide clients with the best possible customer service.
• Extra downloads: These date help to further stabilise the good relation between NEXtCare, its agents and its customers.

Although NEXtCare provides premium health insurance and other related business services in the Middle Eastern region, it does not offer international services with the exception of the states where it is operating. Therefore, while NEXtCare is good for those, who wish to live and operate in the Middle East, it may be not enough for those who plan to move outside this region.

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