Hilton Jumeirah Beach Resort

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort is indeed a treat for the tourists at least for those who have the budget to afford staying there, but what else better to invest in as a perfect Dubai holiday, a great relax getting away from the everyday treadmill at home. This beach resort, as part of the American Hilton hotel chain, for sure will not leave you disappointed. Located on the beautiful coast of Jumeirah. So let us see why it is worth staying in the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort.

The prestigious Hotel has indeed much to offer for all its guests. The Hilton Resort can be found right next to the huge Jumeirah Residences living complex, in fact a city within the city, giving you so much chance to go for a walk. This is the area of New Dubai, located quite close to Jebel Ali, which besides being the new industrial centre of Dubai, by its huge Free Zone and its port taken over all the Dubai cargo shipments from Port Rashid. Jebel Ali is also a great beach resort town with tons of sports and relaxing opportunities, promising you to try such water and land sports which you wouldn’t be able to do in Dubai. Jebel Ali is also very close to the new Maritime centre of Dubai, the Mina Seyahi, which is a must-see place for everyone visiting Dubai.

However, apart from this, the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort is not too far from the centres of Dubai, neither from the new not from the old centre. The Jumeirah Beach is currently among the most promising and colourful beaches in the world. Having lots of attractions and beauty, mixed up with extravaganza, as you will soon notice, just by the pure sight of the unbelievably looking Dubai Marina.

However, getting back to Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort, the hotel has large wholly equipped suites for the guest, their sizes equalling one of a mid-sized flat. The rooms offer either partial or full sea view. The hotel hosts many of the most popular restaurants in town, for example the Latino Restaurant Pachanga, which is a great treat for all the lovers of Latin-American cuisine and the BICE, which is a great Italian restaurant.

It is clear that the Hilton Hotel is mainly specialised in receiving corporate guests or having other events within, and it is absolutely prepared for that. Within the hotel, you may find a large banquet room and several smaller meeting rooms with a hi-tech business centre area. Please note and ask in advance the charges that apply for the usage of the equipments over here, as well as for the usage of the internet, as not all services are included in the room price.

The Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort is also equipped with large swimming pools with its own water sports centre and a beautiful seaside garden. In addition, you can find a quality spa within offering multiple types of beauty treatments.

You will see how great the centre of New Dubai and the number of attractions is, shops and beautiful beachside walks are waiting for you over here. The Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort also has several discounts and extra offers as well, for making you more motivated to choose them. In order to gain more information on the rates of Hilton Jumeirah Resort please contact the hotel directly.

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