Hot Air Balloon Tour

Taking part in a hot air balloon flight in Dubai is currently one of the hottest attractions of Dubai and it is a must-try for everyone who is not afraid of the height. You can order for a hot air balloon flight in Dubai from your hotel itself.

First, to say that the hot air balloon flight in Dubai is a program that takes about 2-3 hours, and its main attraction is, to see the amazing sand dunes of the Dubai desert, out of town. The Dubai desert is one of the most beautiful-looking deserts in the world, as its sand was created out of stones of diverse colours, mostly red. Therefore, the sand covering Dubai desert has a wonderful yellowish-red colour, really an unforgettable sight. It is a must-see for everyone who travels to Dubai. Desert safaris are among the most popular programs over here.

To ensure that the tourists does not catch cold or sun sickness, the time of hot air balloon flight in Dubai is usually in the early morning hours, starting around 5:00 o’clock in the morning. As the hot air balloon is outside the city, first you will enjoy an hour ride through the Dubai desert until reaching it.

The location of the hot air balloon flight in Dubai is also remarkable; it is a picturesque little town, Al Ain. It used to be an oasis where the tired travellers could stop during their tiring and long journey through the desert. Al Ain has also some beautiful sites to see; sometimes a short sightseeing can also be included in the hot air balloon flight programme.

Now, let us mention some safety regulations regarding hot air balloon flight in Dubai. As this is not an ordinary but rather an adventurous program, you must take care to dress rather sportily, possibly no skirt, and no high-heels. Bring a pullover or any warmer top with you as the morning in the desert can be cold. The hot air balloon flies around 30-50 meters high, so ensure that you are not afraid of height in any form, otherwise you will not have a pleasant journey. Air balloon flights in Dubai are not for infants or children under 8 years old. Make sure you do not bring unnecessary things with you, because there will not be much space. One air balloon can accommodate up to 10 people, including the actual driver and the guide, so if the balloon is full you can imagine how much space you will get. Further, make sure you are not the type who cannot stand for at least an hour. Water and some other non-alcoholic refreshments will be on-board. The driver will not let those people fly who have consumed high quantity of alcohol before, or who take drugs.

Hot air balloon flight in Dubai also include drinks and flight certificate, a paper issued before travelling with the hot air balloon, ensuring that you are in the suitable state of health to travel on it. For those people who are open to new things to try, Dubai balloon flight will be an everlasting memory. Even if we try to imagine how it can be, to see all those wonderful desert dunes with Dubai city and the sea in the background, we can feel a bit of all the beauty, which you will experience during this journey.

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