How To Choose Apartments To Rent in Dubai

Dubai is the new trend for tourists and welcoming thousands who arrive in Dubai to spend their free time or holidays there, or who might even end up buying or leasing a property for a longer time. When you are spending your holidays with your family having more siblings, the actual solution is to rent an apartment as it gives you a lot more freedom in your actions, not to mention the ability to cook. Dubai apartments for rent are just everywhere in town, mostly because many have bought their brand new apartments in the new complexes in Dubai in order to rent them out as an investment. So, let us see what types of Dubai apartments for rent we can get to see in the city.

There are hundreds if not thousands of apartments for rent in Dubai, most of them located in the downtown area, so it would be hard for you to decide on which one to rent if you will not set up your primary needs first. If you go on a holiday, it is wise if you look for an apartment hotel. There are so many in the Al Barsha district which is right next to the Jumeirah Beach, giving you a less than 10-15 minutes walk to get there. In addition, Al Barsha is not that much expensive, you can get a nicely furnished apartment for a reasonable price over here. Next to Al Barsha, you can find many great and cheap apartment hotels in Deira and Bur Dubai, both of them being beautiful districts of Dubai

Let us see some of the best offer on Dubai Apartments for rent now:

Coral Boutique Apartments – This is a very nice apartment hotel, giving you many great services and facilities. It has great-furnished apartments. There is a nice swimming pool area inside the hotel including a very nice playground for the children. Rates start from EUR 35 / Person / Night.

Dolphin Hotel Apartments – This apartments offer for half the price of the Coral Apartments, located in a great area of the old downtown of Bur Dubai. This hotel offers nicely furnished apartments for a considerate rate and yet good quality. Rates start from EUR 24 / Person / Night.

Golden Sands Hotel Apartments – This apartment is on the seaside of Bur Dubai costing only EUR 21/ person /Night.

Al Jawhara Hotel Apartments: Located in beautiful Deira with a bustling souk life, this hotel only EUR 32/ Person/Night, having pool, fitness centre and a great restaurant as well.

Coral Al Khoory Apartments: Close to the Deira Corniche, this apartment hotel has all you need for a EUR 27/ Person / Night.

Please note that all rates will be given to you in Emirati Dirhams. 1 EUR equals around 5 Dirham and 1 USD equals around 3.5 Dirham. Here hotels work differently and so they count an extra for the breakfast, which costs around EUR 10 per person. Dubai International Airport transfers can be booked for an approximately EUR 15 extra price.

These Dubai apartments for rent are perfect to spend even a couple of months. They will surely give you a great discount in this case and you have your laundry and several other services at hand. If you look for a Dubai apartment for rent for years, still its better to start this search in Dubai, the rates are normally higher on the internet.

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