Hugo Boss Stores in Dubai

Hugo Boss is one of the most accepted designer brands in Europe, especially when it comes to the most expensive business clothes. Being a Vera German in its style and origin, Hugo Boss is famous for its clean designs good materials and their business and day-wear for both men and women. Hugo Boss is currently the highest seller of high-quality business suits and event dresses all around the world. With the continuous growth of Dubai business importance all around the world and with the parallel growth of demand for the best quality corporate suits and clothes, it was only a question of time as to when Hugo Boss would open its own brand store in Dubai.

Hugo Boss is practically in every big shopping mall of Dubai. Especially famous for its men’s collection, it is no wonder that the demand for the boss business suits and regular menswear is always high. The quality standard of Hugo Boss has always been extremely high. Although you must pay the price for the brand, but the item you buy will be great and wearable for many years afterwards. So that is why, shopping in the Hugo Boss will always remain an experience. The colors of Hugo Boss are clean, and they mirror corporate wear in style. Hugo Boss is mostly the highest rated wear of businesspersons of Dubai who decide not to wear the traditional Dubai Jillabah for all business occasions. Hugo Boss is sold over 3600 stores in 110 countries all over the world.

Interestingly, the most important site of production of Hugo Boss is in Izmir, Turkey, Today the Hugo Boss is divided into more sub-brands under its label. Hugo and Boss are also sold as two diverse sub-brands as well, and there are the color collections of Boss, as the Orange, Green, Black, the Boss Selection and finally the Boss Menswear. These are usually sold together, but divided inside the brand shops.

The biggest Dubai Hugo Boss label stores can be found in the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates on Sheikh Zayed Road and the Deira City Center as being the most famous shopping malls of Dubai. Selection of Boss is also sold at multi brand stores, mainly those specialized in selling corporate menswear. Hugo Boss is also getting more and more famous for its perfume and cosmetic collections, for both men and women.

Hugo Boss is also famous for establishing its own awards, called the Hugo Boss Prize, awarded to an artist for any cultural activity of high emphasis on our world’s cultural life, which is held important by the jury of Boss awards. The sum of the award has been USD 100.000 for years.

All classes frequently visit Hugo Boss shops as they held several promotions, which are part of the shopping malls promotion programmes. You can also find several clothes of Hugo Boss in the huge Dubai Outlet Center, which is becoming more and more popular among tourists for their highly decreased prices.

So, if you are on a shopping spree in Dubai, do not hesitate to drop into any store of Hugo Boss, especially if you are in trouble finding a new shirt or clothes for special occasion or shopping them as gifts. Hugo Boss in Dubai have high prestige and the customer service, so surely you will find yourself a couple of great clothes, and if you are even more lucky, you shall visit the shop during the Dubai Summer Festival during which the whole town is offering great discount possibilities in every shop.

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